Premiere: Kate Stein – Scenic Byway (Zillas on Acid Remix)


A long walk was at the apex of most days; sometimes the route was the same, sometimes they took a punt. That was the beauty of living in the countryside, there was a never-ending supply of nature to explore. Of course, the woodland walks and far-reaching cornfields had become familiar after all these years of living here, but every now and then they’d stumble upon a hidden paradise.

Hot on the heels of Daniel Monaco & Sauvage World’s EP earlier this month, San Francisco’s Roam Recordings welcome Australian-born, New York-based producer Kate Stein. Marking her debut release, ‘Scenic Byway’ offers two original cuts that display Kate’s knack for crafting hypnotic melodies and low rumbling bass lines, backed up by two remixes on the flip from Perel and Zillas On Acid.