Premiere: Kareem El Morr – Trance With Benefits


The air smelt sweet and earthy, like freshly mown grass and fragrant honeysuckle. She stopped for a moment, closed her eyes and inhaled deeply. Immediately she was transported back to a different place, a different time — one more simple, one, dare she think it, more happy… She immersed herself in the nostalgia for a brief time, soaking up the memories attached to the simplest of scents, before waking once more into reality.

Following his debut EP on Molten Moods last year, Munich-based producer Kareem El Morr launches into 2021 with a new four-tracker for local imprint RFR Records. Though techno remains at the core of Kareem’s ouput, he shows his versatility across ‘Supersonic’, moving through breakbeat drum patterns, proto-trance flavours and Detroit High tech Jazz, with a pinch of Goa thrown in for good measure.