Premiere: Karamika – Ton 03


If you drop three tonnes of feathers from a roof at the same time as three tonnes of bricks, how many years are you likely to be given in jail for causing severe damage to the pavement outside? How many more if you accidentally crush a poor, innocent child? THESE are the important questions in life, to answer them takes a lot of courage and a mind as warped as ours.

As we delve into the mysterious world created by Karamika there are no buildings around us any more, simply giant tree branches shaped as though they could reach out and grab you at any moment. While you may not feel you're in control, your sense of adventure will guide you through this tricky path and by the time you reach the end you'll feel significantly wisened by your journey.

Disappear into the world of Karamika. Off you go then;

s/t is out on 22nd September via ESP Institute.