Premiere: Kams – Hopfen (Richard Norris Remix)


Grey clouds had loomed over the forest for days before the rain finally came. And when it did, there was no respite for weeks. It felt as though it continued for an eternity; day and night the harsh lashings of Mother Nature forced them to stay indoors. But there was comfort in this enforced isolation — not only were they protected from the elements, but the infinite hours provided them with time for thought, reflection and creative practice.

South London-based producer James Cameron AKA Kams makes a return to his own Metr Music – the imprint he runs alongside fellow producer Pete Thomas – for Extramural, an EP written during a period of weather-induced lockdown. Written whilst on holiday with his family during a torrential downpour, the resulting compositions match gentle beats, ambient textures and structured synth melodies with layers of field recordings of the rain captured outside Cameron’s cabin. He enlists the skills of Richard Norris who crafts his own blissful remix of ‘Hopfen’, preserving the personality of the original but lifting it off the ground and up into the air above.