Premiere: K-X-P – Hex Bag Edit


The silver metallic train sped through the night at warp speed, like a bullet being fired out of a revolver. It hardly made a sound as it hurtled through the air leaving a hazy smoke in its wake. Outside the window, cold grey landscapes whizzed past, and upon them new mirrored structures were being erected rapidly as though they had been ready assembled. Set against the blazing red sky, a brand new sky line was appearing before their eyes, hot on the heels of the path that their train was taking. Their destination was unknown, all they knew was that their jouney may never end. 

Electronic rock band K-X-P move into new territories for their next album, IV, on Svart Records. The Finish four-piece blend synths with techno and rock influences and the results are pretty cosmic. Our pick is Hex Bag Edit, but the whole release has a raw energy that comes through their approach to recording it, “no headphones, just loud monitors blasting the synths and beat boxes."