Premiere: J.Wiltshire – Lumb


He'd awoken again in a cold sweat, stirred suddenly from his deep slumber. Beads of sweat dripped down his face as he struggled to catch his breath. He wiped his brow and inhaled deeply. Every night the same thing, the same dream. But it felt so real. This imagined reality became him and he worried that it would soon define him as a person in life, not just in the realms of fantasy.

For the second instalment in their new limited cassette series that focuses on producer's edgy side, Amsterdam-based Musar Recordings have drafted in Super Hexagon boss J.Wiltshire who delivers his debut long player, Resa. With futurism in mind the 11 tracks unfold like a sci-fi soundtrack, moving through the motions from calm, tranquil and hazy atmospheres to droning ambient and post-IDM soundscapes.