Premiere: J.Wiltshire – Hydrophony


The underwater exploration had taken them deep into the dark murky depths of the sea below. The submarine was travelling into the abyss in the hope of being able to send some sort of audible signal back to the land which lay far above where they know now found themselves. There was little to be seen through the window, occasionally the glimmer of a tiny sea creature could be seen in the lights of the bubble ship. They scuttled across the floor unaware of the ship and its search for hydrophony…

Super Hexagon is a Leeds based party and newly founded record label. Their guests have ranged from the likes of Dj Stingray to Luke Vibert and Helena Hauff. Their debut EP is a split record and features J.Wiltshire and Alma Construct. Listen to 'Hydrophony' from J.Wiltshire below: 

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