Premiere: Jurango – Second Floor


The dusty winding stairs seemed to tower high into the rafters, a never-ending climb to the second floor. Looking up above she felt dizzy and unsteady on her feet, the vertigo had already began to settle in before she’d even taken that first step. Refocusing her mind and inhaling deeply, she started her assent, hands gripped tightly to the railing beside her. “Don’t look down, don’t look down” she muttered repeatedly under her breath. Just one small look over her shoulder and she’d have to start all over again…

Dublin’s Woozy collective, helmed by EMA & Sputnik One, kick off their label arm with a 7-track V/A that brings together some of the most exciting new names in bass and club. Beginning as a party series, the crew’s inaugural release titled Woozy01 (what else?) features contributions from label boss Sputnik One, Kamus, Yushh, Glimmerman, Kellen303, San and our pick from Bristolian Jurango who brings crisp percussion and whirring dembow rhythms.