Premiere: Jungle By Night – LoveBoat (Kuniyuki Remix)


Moving down the river, they could see the little communities of travellers who had began to gather and settle in for the night ahead. The love boat was a magical cruise ship designed to transport lost souls towards enlightenment, a new path through the deep, dark murky waters. On board there were people from all places, all faces and many colours. This was not a one man band but a plethora of identity and a wonderful feat. The water rippled on either side of the old steamer as it continued down the stream. It would get there soon…

‘Livingstone’ is the 5th album by a nine-piece instrumental collective from Amsterdam called Jungle By Night. A jazzy blend of krautrock, rock, electronica and pop in one place. They have nominated two wonderful remixes from Ron Trent and Kuniyuki respectively, the latter of which we bring to you in all its colour. Listen below: 

Jungle By Night are playing Earth, Hackney Friday 12th April. Buy HERE