Premiere: Junes – Witching Hour


As the clock struck 3am, she jolted out of bed. Something in her dream had pulled her from a deep slumber, but what exactly she couldn’t recall. The fragments had already ebbed away as soon as waking life took hold. It was the height of summer but the room was freezing cold, as though a thick gust of wind had entered through an open window. But all the windows were sealed shut; and her breath in the cold air the only visible draught.

You won’t catch Kalahari Oyster Cult taking their foot off the gas anytime soon; this year alone has already seen them share an influx of top level releases, from B’Zircon (the project of Roza Terenzi and Fantastic Man) to a seminal ’93 EP from Helium and a collection of tracks from Dominic Glynn under his many guises. Consistently straddling the past and the present, the label’s next instalment focuses on the latter and Newcastle-born, Berlin-based producer Junes. Consisting of three original cuts, and a remix from Help Rec. boss Central, ‘Shifting Sands’ boasts Junes’ signature elegant electronics with a dose of stripped back tech and bass rhythms.