Premiere: JQ – Breathless


The track seemed endless, it spun each competitor round and round in a circle as they ran between flickering white lines. He began to feel breathless as he ran, only another 100 times round to go. In the distance he could hear the rumble and cheers of the crowd as their echoes travelled upon the mid afternoon breeze. To them this was just another spectator sport, not something that they'd lived or dreamed about in any sense of the word. They knew not of the late nights beneath the floodlights, the burning rubber or the miles which had been amassed across a decade or more. This was pain, pure breathless pain. 

JQ is set to release a new album on Lo Recordings, a dreamy affair with moody soundscapes and intricate sculpture throughout. It's intriguing and promising. "Outside" will be available from the 26th of July. 

Listen below: 

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