Premiere: Jori Hulkkonen – Songs Of The Eastern World (Heretic Remix)- My Favorite Robot


My experiences of the Eastern World are essentially non-existent. Well, when I say non-existent I obviously mean pretty life affirming as my greatest experience of that world comes from the Beaconsfield Services just of the M40. It's a treasure trove of overpriced greasy offerings made for the glutinous slob in all of us, allowing you to eat a Big Mac stuffed with Gregg's sausage rolls while enjoying cheap ales at Wetherspoons before presumably careering off the road two hours into your journey to the Cotswolds. Anyway, that's my experience of the east but Jori Hulkkonen has a slightly different take on it which he's decided to lock down in musical form with Songs Of The Eastern World

Coming from Jori Hulkkonen 'Songs Of The Eastern World' is an ode to being locked inside a video game, or at least that's how I'm interpreting it. The 8-minute remix comes from Heretic who applies some heavy acid dosage over rolling pads that just scream 'mmmm, so lush'. Give yourself a musical ear enema with the premiere below. 

Jori Hulkkonen's Oh But I Am Remixes is released on My Favourite Robot Records on 13th November so cop that on Beatport. Discover more Jori over on his Facebook and Soundcloud.