Premiere: Jorge Savoretti – Simple Acid


Can there ever truly be such a thing as simple acid? Probably, but for the sake of contradiction I'm going to ramble on about how there isn't.

Acid is an immensly complicated subject, whether we're talking about the stuff in your stomach that helps digest your food, the hallucinogenic drug that lets you see into another world or if it's the musical form that truly awakens all the tiny hairs in your ears and makes them appreciate that they're hearing something rather special indeed.

But this isn't one for your pH scale, this is one for your ears to enjoy as Jorge Savoretti does indeed simplify the monstrous topic of acid with a warping beauty that'll give you six solid minutes of aural pleasure. Pop this one on your tongue and let it take you away;

Jorge Savoretti's Triskelion LP is out on 29th June via Savor Music.