Premiere: Jonny Teardrop – Shotgun


The barrel was loaded, packed to the rafters with heat that would cast a nightmare through the dim glow of the evening. As he marched forwards he lifted the shotgun up so that it was in line with his vision. His face was laced with scars: wicked, villainous, ghastly grazes. The town was awash with rogues and vagabonds, it was his job to clean it up. The streets would run red raw with the death of criminals and the people would be saved. This was his blessing, his curse. 

Jonny Teardrop is set to drop a brand new album on the Paris based label Rouge Mécanique Musique. This will be the third release from the label and is titled "No Problemo". Listen to "Shotgun" below: 

Buy the release HERE which is forthcoming next month. 

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