Premiere: Jonny Sender – Zhivago Zhivago (Khidja Dub)


Zhivago was the sorcerer amongst this sacred land, his word was golden to all that heard it spoken. He meant more to the people of this town than any who had come before and any who might attempt to follow in his blessed footsteps. In the power of his wise, aged voice he was able to manipulate those around him to dance like they had never danced before. He carried the magic disco touch in his spoken word as the crowds of dancers circled him singing his name, praising him to the high heavens. "Zhivago, Zhivago" they cried out loud. The whole world would hear them sing soon. 

Here is the Khidja remix of Jonny Sender for the Codek label, founded by In Flagranti. This one runs deep. Listen below: 

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