Premiere: John Daly – Safe


She held on tightly as the plane left the ground, clinching onto his hand for dear life in the hope that she might one day touch the ground again. Flying was never easy, it had caused her anxiety and pain for many years yet somehow with him she felt safe. The ride was bumpy as they passed beneath moody low moving clouds and headed for oblivion. On board people talked as if they were care free and relaxed, a bunch of kind hearted souls flying through space in a tin can. This was flight…

John Daly is set to release a new EP on Glasgow based record label Craigie Knowes who seem to be on a militant run of form as of late having released a sprawling array of new music across this year. The longstanding house head delivers delicate moody cuts for the well educated dancefloor, all with a hint of surprise and intrigue. Listen below: 

Visit the Craigie Knowes bandcamp HERE