Premiere: Joey Anderson – Third Eye


He watched with careful attention, gazing out across the room and taking in those who wandered and meandered between each hallway. His third eye saw them all, it saw everything whether he chose for it or not. He could tell a thousand stories of precious, private moments thought not to be seen. He saw the secrets, the crimes, the actions, the glances and the stories behind the scenes. It was his gift yet at times it drove him crazy as he watched the world spin recklessly in full circle. 

Joey Anderson features on a new compilation from Release Sustain who have drafted in the big guns as part of their Conclave series. The record also features music from the likes of Lord of the Isles, Amir Alexander and more. This track features the notorious, moody, melancholy edge of a producer who never fails to disappoint, Joey Anderson. 

Listen below:

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