Premiere: JoeFarr – Return To Light


The planets flashed before his eyes as he watched from the desolate outback of space and stared back towards earth. This was to be his return to light, a rebirth amidst the misty fires of space in which a new life would be born. He had never been built for the likes of humankind, for he was an outsider, an alien and something strange. Now as he careered between the fizzing stars he began to wonder whether he might ever feel at home in this galaxy, only time might tell. 

JoeFarr knows how to pack a punch, a techno innovator with a drive towards machine powered music unlike any other. His music is often instantly recognisable and punchy, distinct and powerful in the midst of a club but equally daunting on the ear under the hazy dark of the night sky. He has announced a new compilation on his own User Experience label featuring an array of talented producers and friends. It is his track which we feature, it seems only fair. Listen below: 

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