Premiere: JNS – Witch Hunt


Cloaked figures had descended upon the town as soon as darkness fell, promising to draw out the wicked spirits from their hiding places. Wails and screams resounded from near and far as suspects were dragged from their homes and into the streets to await trial. Nobody knew who would sink or swim; the witch hunt had begun…

Honey Badger Records boss JNS returns to his own imprint, this time for his debut full-length release, Miasma. The Seoul-based producer has been helming the label since 2014, which has provided a platform for some of the most exciting electronic artists coming out of the South Korean capital, as well as an outlet for his own material. His first album, which follows three EPs for the label, captures the moods and emotions he’s experienced during the turbulent year that was 2020, resulting in eight tracks that traverse through, acid, bass, techno and house.