Premiere: Jimmy Blanche – Tambou La Ti Bois La (Pardonnez-nous Remix)


A heavy gust of wind rustled the pages of his notepad spoiling the ink he’d penned moments ago. He’d been pouring over these notes for as long as he could remember; it controlled his life, his every waking moment. From morning to night he thought about how he’d morph these ramblings into something cohesive, a novel that stirred the same emotions in the reader as it had claimed from him during its creation. But writers block always reared its head, the invisible enemy of every wordsmith.

In October last year, Paris-based label Stima Records revisited the work of Guadeloupean-Parisian artist and cultural activist Jimmy Blanche, more specifically his 1987 release ‘Dou Van Jou’, which had remained shrouded in mystery for years. As an appendix to the release, the label have gathered close friends and affiliates, including Mawimbi, Aurèle, M.Baba and Pardonnez-nous, to reimagine Blanche’s original melange of traditional gwoka, jazz and synth.