Premiere: Jennifer Loveless – DCS


“I don’t know what it is. There’s something missing” she tells her friend with emphatic candor as sweat wicks from the corners of her dilated eyes. “We haven’t been close recently, and I know I haven’t been myself… but I’m glad you invited me and I’m happy I came”. The friend retorts with an unconvincing blank stare, her ruse crumbling as she slips into smile and digs her in the arm. “You’ll figure it out." The friend exclaims while yanking the girl up from the corner of the dusty warehouse rave and towards the speakers.

Get to know Jennifer Loveless, the Melbourne-based producer with a sublime ear for emotive arrangements, underpinned with skippy percussion and complex rhythms. Her debut outing ‘Hard/Soft’ features 20-minutes of soulful breaks and is the musical equivalent of coming to terms with the end of your night out. The track ‘DCS’ is a standout, with it’s off-kilter kicks, nebulous synths and explorative vocals.