Premiere: Jay Glass Dubs – Compound Dub


The molecules had begun to merge. Deep within the laboratory bubbles started to flourish inside the test tubes. It had been an exceptionally long procedure: months, years, decades of work would soon be completed in a eurphoric climax. The prize of the century would soon belong to the Napoleon science team and their hard work would be rewarded on a worldwide scale. There was very little left for them to do but to wait for the final compound to form. Only then would they be able to celebrate. 

Jay Glass Dubs is the alter ego of Dimitris Papadatos who presents an alternative narrative to dub as we know it within his new release for Bokeh Versions. Titled "New Teeth for an Old Country" the release sees him experiment with the realm of possibility as he strips down tracks to the bare bones breathing in new life. Listen to "Compound Dub" below:

The release will be out on Monday. Follow Bokeh Versions on Facebook HERE

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