Premiere: Jaxe – Spaced


The moon seemed bigger tonight than ever before. Brighter too. It's blinding light lit up her garden as if a 500 kilowatt bulb had been switched on overhead. From her bedroom window she gazed up at the sky, daydreaming of what her life would be like away from earth. She traced the constellations in the air with her finger, creating shapes and figures, reimagining her own patterns. What she would give to leave this planet and create a new world of her own amongst the stars. A place where she could be spaced.

Rising Polish producer Jaxe inaugurates Dom Trojga, a brand new Warsaw-based label launched by Polish DJ and producer Eltron, with a four-tracker entitled Seekings. Recorded during a transitional period in Jaxe's life last year, the EP takes in acid, trance and electro influences and combines sincerity and depth as a vehicle for escapism.

With Dom Trojga, which translates as "House Of Three", Eltron is on a mission to tell a story of what goes on in the basements of Poland's dancing spaces, tracing how this relationship with the dance floor has evolved. This is a platform to represent the energy and diversity of the artists, DJs and dancers who embody the country's scene.

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