Premiere: Jaquarius – Weirdos From The Woods


The jungle was dense and damp, the air thick and close, the undergrowth hot and wet. This was not the type of place in which you might expect to find some weirdos from the woods yet hear they were. The group danced and chanted beneath the summer sun as the steam billowed from the bubbling stream. This was as remote as can be, a far away place in which magic ran free. 

Microclimat is a free party from Paris, they have hosted forty events since 2012. These events are organised in collaboration with participants across parks, forests, skating rinks, platforms, underground, wastelands, and boats. In 2018 the team was also commissioned to stages at the Karnasouk, Château Perché, La Forge and Coucool festivals. The first Microclimat record (vinyl and digital) is a compilation of five tracks by five artists from the collective. 

This track, "Weirdos from the woods", has been produced by Jaquarius, a free party DJ who studied electroacoustics for four years at the Paris Conservatoire. Listen below: