Premiere: Japanese Television – Bee Cage (Gabe Gurnsey Remix)


It was a race to catch the last of the sun; darkness was beginning to edge into their periphery and bright orange hues laced the clouds overhead. The roads were empty — so were the skies, not a bird or plane in sight, just silence. Seizing the opportunity with no sign of life around, she pushed her foot down hard on the accelerator and hurtled forwards. Her mission was to make it to the sun before night fell.

Following the release of their ‘III’ EP in September of last year, psych-rock band Japanese Television hand over the reigns to several producers to put their own twist on the originals. Set for release on Tip Top Recordings in March, the remix EP enlists the talents of UNKLE AKA James Lavelle, Phantasy Sound affiliate James Welsh, KMAH residents Space Age Freak Out, Desolate Spools alumni International Teachers of Pop and Factory Floor’s Gabe Gurnsey, who turns the otherworldly psych of the original into a reverb-drenched groove adding signature hard-hitting drums and minimal synths.