Premiere: James Shinra – Arc


The days had been long, full of demands and stressful liaisons. But at the end of the week, the hedonism would begin. The weekend brought with it a time for escape, to leave your troubles behind… at least momentarily. When the clock struck 5pm everyone made a beeline for the door, eager to squeeze as much euphoria out of the next two days as they possibly could. They weren't the only ones. Across the world people watched the clocks each Friday, counting down the seconds until they could dive head first into self-indulgent activities.  

Following his remix for Sandboards on Feel My Bicep's eighth release, James Shinra steps up for his debut 12" that includes three remixes from R&S affiliate Benjamin Damage and John Beltran. Shinra feels perfectly at home on the imprint, his melodic synth lines and electro leaning sound delivering the feelings of euphoria we've come to expect from an FMB release.