Premiere: Jake Schrock – Deep Sea


Gentle waves lapped at her ankles as she made her way down the coastline. She inhaled deeply, breathing in the salty sea air. Her head seemed to clear almost instantly, the soft gentle breeze drifting over her face helping to reset her thoughts. She allowed herself to dwell for a moment on the previous life she'd led in the thralls of the city; never giving herself a moments rest or granting herself the gift of a social life. Out by the sea things were simpler and happier…

Dallas-based producer Jake Shrock continues his obsession with analog hardware on his new release for Seattle's Medical Records. Following his work as part of //TENSE// and a previous release on S U R V I V E’s Holodeck label, Jake crafts seven tracks that blur the lines between komische, new age and wave, realised with his arsenal of vintage synthesisers and drum machines.