Premiere: JackWasFaster – Hestia


She was elegant and daring, beautiful and hypnotic as she danced the night away. Who knew where she’d come from and what magnificent spirit had brought her to life beneath the cloak of darkness and the dancing stars. The way in which she moved was fascinating and perplexing, dancing atop the sand as the wind howled and the rain poured. It were as if she was commanding some great orchestra, up there in the sky, as the thunder crashed and the bangs of drums echoed between the clouds. She was god, her name was Hestia. 

Inflect Records are set to release a compilation of new material from an assortment of artists, proto disco, italo, acid and beyond on a fun filled record set to move dancefloors and festivals. This track, “Hestia”, features on the release, an arpeggio driven affair by JackWasFaster. 

Listen below: