Premiere: Jack Pattern – Paolo Santoz (Dane Close Remix)

CPG009 Jack Pattern Cover

Cosmic Pint Glass welcome back Jack Pattern.

This place was a maze; corridors veered off in every direction, doorways led to new rooms, stairways to unknown locations. Getting out of here would be an impossible task, everything had a mind of its own — things that were once there disappeared only moments later, escape routes morphed and shifted into new forms. This place played tricks on you, you had everywhere to run and everywhere to hide, but freedom was not yours — it was slipping away quicker than ever.

Cosmic Pint Glass have been working hard to put Norwich on the electronic music map with their parties and label. Since launching back in 2018 they’ve shared music from Ruf Dug, Marc Du Mosch, Toby Tobias and many more, and now they’re welcoming back the group who helped launch the imprint nearly four years ago: Jack Pattern. Their follow up EP, ‘Kosmische Kueche’, is made up of three original cuts that range from industrial slow burners to mutant trip hop, backed up by remixes from Wax Stag and Dane Close.


Kosmische Kueche is out on now.