Premiere: Jack Carel – Damn It


The letters had begun to pile up on the floor, others had been torn open and quickly discarded. Never mind the physical reminders, she’d also watched her inbox slowly fill with unanswered responses; responses that would likely remain unanswered for months to come. After 15 rejections she’d given up believing that anything positive would come from her efforts; her optimism had dwindled, her pride had been hurt and her ego bruised. But deep down she knew she had to persevere — that strength had to be summoned from somewhere.

Following five releases through their netlabel MATERIÁ, Lithuanian music platform whypeopledance officially launch the label under their own name with a release from Jack Carel. Following two decades of producing music, his new EP ‘Turn It Up’ signals a more disconcerting approach in his output, motivated by the moods and feelings that 2020 brought with it. Through raw grooves, heavy drum patterns and deep, dark atmospheres, Carel shares a sonic declaration to “the act of faith, patience, hope, and the anticipation of a coming revolution” and proves that strength can be found in dark times.