Premiere: Jac The Disco – Bali Dance


The stream gently ebbed and flowed letting off a cold spray as it ricocheted off the banks. It was welcome amidst the hot temperatures that had taken hold lately. The weather had been playing tricks on them; tropical storms were a regular occurrence at this time of year. One minute the sun would call people out onto the beaches with sunglasses and parasols in hand, before the thrashing of rain would arrive and force everyone back into their homes. But there was something beautiful about these conditions. It was a time where the sun and the rain danced together harmoniously…

Jac The Disco is gearing up for the release of his next EP Cosmic Matter, the inaugural outing on his new label Spin On This. A melee of the sounds he's become recognised for like disco, cosmic, acid and house, the two original tracks signal a strong start for the imprint which is backed up by remixes from Norwegian producer and Lindstrøm collaborator Prins Thomas and French house innovator and Versatile regular I:Cube.