Premiere: JAC – In


Stutters in her heart lead to misspoken phrases and forgotten retorts as her unwanted words reverberate via his razor sharp tongue. Frustration lead to washes of embarrassment as clarity fills her black-streaked eyes. “Why am I here when your pride is worth more than my love?” she says before grabbing her coat and making every effort to slam the door on the way out. The night calls to the girl and the girl steps forward.

Hôtel Costes Presents… next release comes via JAC, an offshoot of Midiminuit, a project previously released as part of HC's Studio series. JAC is the result of a day experimenting in the studio between three of the Midiminuit members, when the fourth member of the group Jonathan Levi had to leave their recording for a day. An acronym for the trio involved, Julien, Adrien and Ceaser, the four tracks on the release comprise of everything from ethereal synth lines, oscillating drums and reverberated keys.