Premiere: Izzy Locke – For The Birds (DAWS Remix)


The Australian producer takes care of the sophomore release on Phenomena Records.

The sun shone bright outside the window, forcing its way through the gaps in the curtains. This morning ritual was soundtracked by the flock of birds that parked up outside her window each day, joining in chorus to stir her from her slumber. This was her routine wake up call – no shrill alarm clocks or unwelcome visitors, no loud vehicles or beeping horns – just nature doing what it does best.


Phenomena Records started life in October last year as a platform to explore the fringes of electronic music, particularly unconventional sounds aimed at the dance floor. Their inaugural release brought together rising stars from their stomping ground of Naarm, as well as across the pond in London, to give listeners a taste of what to expect. One of the artists featured was hello Aussie Izzy Locke, who takes care of release number two and the label’s first solo outing with For The Birds. Tracing the sounds and elements of electronic music she loves, the four tracks span transcendent breakbeat and glitchy cuts to acid and synth-driven excursions, completed with a remix from DAWS who steers things down a housier route.


For The Birds is out on 28th January via Phenomena Records.