Premiere: Ivan de la Rouch & Mike Sacchetti – Cúrame (Skelesys Remix)


Nothing seemed to work; she’d tried every suggestion under the sun — medicinal, herbal, holistic… the list went on. Though a few of these familiar and strange remedies had brought momentary relief, it wasn’t long before the pain returned in full force. There was just one more option that she had yet to explore, but with this healing power came much risk…

Drawing influence from the uncertain times we’ve found ourselves in over the last year, Logical Rec bosses Ivan De La Rouch & Mike Sacchetti release their ‘Cúrame’ EP, which translates from Spanish as ‘Heal Me’. Coming via Play Pal Records, it marks the pair’s first outing on the Madrid label and sees them merge hypnotic guitar riffs with analogue electronics, all delivered with a punk attitude. On the flip the two originals get the rework treatment from label affiliate Rigopolar, Italian producer Amarcord, Fucanglong Files boss Mufti and Berlin’s Skelesys.