Premiere: Innov Gnawa – Toura Toura (Mr Assister’s Assisted Version)


"Toura Toura" they cried, from the mountain on high to the travellers down below. The walk had been long and their sandals had taken a battering from the dried up desert sands on which they had tread. The rocky cliff face cast it's shadows across the red sands below as it rose from the ground like some sort of twisted stone skyscraper amidst the nothingness. Those at the top unfurled a large red flag to those below, it blotted a blackened shape against the pale blue sky as it soared. 

Formed in New York City, it is through accidental circumstances that the members of Innov Gnawa, originally from Morocco, found themselves as a musical group. Innov Gnawa are the only NewYork-based Gnawa band who play regularly and still remain true to the traditions of the ancient ritual. Here they receive the remix treatment from 1-800 Dinosaur affiliate Mr Assister on a forthcoming release for Pique Nique Records. Listen below: 

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