Premiere Inn – Round Up 5.10.15


Alan Fitzpatrick – Tribe (Chip Jacks Remix)

There's something rather wonderful about the smell that comes from cooking home-made chips – whether it's the actual smell or more a case of your achievement that causes your nostrils to sample a new kind of pleasure is unclear but there's no denying that what you're left with is an overwhelmingly positive situation. You've got no need to jack al the cooking in after all and you should bask in the glorious work that your countless hours in the kitchen have resulted in.

That's probably a bit like how Chip Jacks feels when he listens back to his remix of 'Tribe', the new sounds from Alan Fitzpatrick, as he's managed to create an aural offering that's not too different to the original version yet he's still able to have his own stamp on things and make something rather special and unique indeed. See what you think of the remix and let your ears chow down right here;

Tribe is out on 12th October via Whistleblower.

Saycet – HALF AWAKE (Extended, Feat Yan Wagner & Phoene Somsavath)

There's a wonderful point each morning in which you're not entirely sure whether or not you;ve woken up for the day. Sure, your surrounding looks like your normal bedroom but everything feels a little hazy and it seems as though something just isn't quite right. No matter, best get up and out anyway – once you get past the dragon in the doorway it should be… Hang on, maybe you're still asleep.

What's so wonderful about this state is that it's a time of the day where literally anything is a possibility, no matter how ridiculous it may seem. Why would you want to wake all the way up when doing half the job feels twice as good? It'll feel even better if you find yourself in this state while istening to these new sounds from Saycet as they celebrate toeing the line between being awake and asleep. Open up your ears, close your eyes just a little bit and take a deep breath – you're going to enjoy this;

Mirage – B-Side is out on 16th October via Meteores Music/!K7 Records. Catch Saycet in the UK at the following date/location combinations;

27/10 London @ Birthdays
28/10 Newcastle @ Cluny
29/10 Glasgow @ Hug & Pint
30/10 Manchester @ Fallow Cafe

Avon Guard – Forget (Modernphase Remix)

Señor Cave is escaping his loneliness, it’s unavoidable. Ryanair to Cadiz was his best/ cheapest option. Looking down over a darkening sunset, he mistakes an Instagram that sums up his uselessness for acceptance. Fucking idiot. He can’t begin, “hearts” that join his wallowing descendance. He can’t make it up. Bar on the view makes things more tolerable, well, they serve and “cerveze”. 

That picture is the end. Of. It.

Go on then, take this one home for free…

Forget is out soon via Jonestown Records. Free download of the Modernphase remix is available on the R$N Soundcloud.

Mike Broers – Clavis (CLEAR USA)

The wonderful thing about synths is that they're able to conjure up all sorts of spectacular imagery in your head that no other sounds are quite able to muster up. Whether they're building brand new cityscapes within your mind or giving you a glimpse into the depths of space, a synth in the right hands can lead your mind to places far beyond your wildest dreams.

Fortunately, Mike Broers is a man whose hands know their way around a synth and he highlights his prowess with 'Clavis', a far out beauty that's sure to get your synapses in knots while your toes tap along aimlessly. Pop this in your ears and transport your mind to another place;

Stagma is out on 16th October via CLEAR USA.

Greg Sawyer – A Fading Glance (Falk Records)

Even the most subtle of glances can carry so much emotion, the briefest split-second can be all it takes for you to convey the most powerful of rages, desires or ambivalences. Our eyes are without any shadow of a doubt the quickest ways to see what is truly going on in our souls and they can say far more in an instant than our mouths can say in hours of babbling.

Greg Sawyer knows where the true power is and he rightfully has instilled his faith in 'A Fading Glance' as that's all you need to get right to the very crux of the matter. It also happens to be one hell of a good record and he's able to capture all our hearts with this absolute beauty. Maybe if you just close your ears, your ears can do the talking for a change. Open those eyes once more and it can change the world. Dive in;

Whenever is out on 26th October via Falk.

Medlar – Loon (WOLFEP030)

Inside each and every one of us there's a loon, desperately seeking freedom yet feeling so helplessly bottled up inside and unable to cause any of the havoc that would quench all sorts of destructive desires. Our loons are let free each and every time we indulge in any of our favoured vices such as alcohol and other, less commercially available products. Just look at Keith Moon, they didn't call him the loon for nothing!

Medlar has captured this reckless, unadulterated spirit and has – via the medium of music – found a way to spread it around to all of us without there being any danger of doing something stupid. This aural blast of creativity is set to let your inner loon just loose enough for you to have a good time but not so loose that you'll have to clean up afterwards.


WOLFEP030 is out now on WOLF Music.

Welcome for your coming – tight pants – scream time action

Tight Pants is an overtly sexual phrase so it feels as though our usual job of skirting around the hems of the innuendo world has already been done for us. Really, there's not much more for us to say as they've already outdone any of the cheap puns we could have come up with. But we're still more than happy to share their new audio/visual combination with you because it's an absolute treat!

Here's a little message from the Tight Pants team to get you in the right mindset for the video:

"Our representatives will make you wait. Soon you will feel pleasure in passing water. You will know that you are reaching climax. Tight Pants is the manager in charge and has excellent facilities for your private parts. Please note ladies are not allowed to have babies in the bar. Thank you for your coming."


STA 001 is out now via Scream Time Action.

Digital21 & Stefan Olsdal – Rebellion (Dave Clarke Fripped Out Remix)

When was the last time you got well and truly fripped out? We're not talking just a little fripped out, we're asking when you last got so fripped you lost your fripping head and the fripp hit the fan. There's no feeling in the world like letting completely loose and each of us has to do it every once in a while, just to keep ourselves sane. It's a bit like having one day a year where there are no rules, except there are some rules but nothing too major – just try not to kill anyone, cool?

Whenever you're next looking to get your fripp on, why not get this cracking remix from Dave Clarke flowing through your ears to help you achieve full frippitude? The way he manipulates these sounds from Digital21 & Stefan Olsdal are sure to kickstart something in your veins. Go on, let yourself fripp a little;

Rebellion is out now via Emigrant LTD.

Chambers – 313 (Debacle Records)

You can hide all manner of things within an almighty chamber – whether this is all manner of secrets, a giant snake or some kind of idea that we haven't just got from watching that Harry Potter film too many times. All kinds of thing big or small can be held in a chamber, there really are no limits to the glory of what they can hide – if only they could help us hide our emotions, they'd be the perfect chasm of mystery.

But sometimes these chambers give back and it sounds as though Chambers have a wonderful knack of putting together some aural treats – well, only if they're Gabriel Saloman (of Yellow Swans) and prominent Vancouver producer/DJ, Michael Red. Let Chambers bring you more than mere echoes and have them excite your ears in ways you could never have imagined right here;

Sigma Flare is out now in physical form and is out digitally on 9th October via Debacle Records – pre-order your copy here.

Beato Cozzi – Killer (Magic Feet)

Walking into The Buffs, again, this time Janette Norddahl’s 18th. Pay the man 20p, that makes you a member for the night.

Yazz, inspite of her intentions has shown me that “Up” is the only way. Taylor hands me a cashie, full of those Garys both sides of The Park adore.

He holds my hand as we dance, maybe too tightly. I find a door, off the floor.

No Malcolm Tucker, but jeez times have changed. This is a castle, and not Halton Castle. There is glamour, blanquettes and lacking Roger On The Door. 

Then, again, a bassline, and the same and different smiley faces from that canal side. 

Just decades apart.

Cheers Tay.

Here's a little video of it getting a spin down at Convenanza;

The Cruddas Park EP is out on 12th October in vinyl only format via Magic Feet.

Rework – Hardcore

It's remarkable to think that the Rework trio have been making melancholic electronic pop since all the way back in 2000. 15 years on, and they still sound amazing – listen to Hardcore and we know you'll agree. Taken from their forthcoming, 6 track Hardcore EP, to be released very soon on Remain's Meant Records imprint, this eponymous track sees the group throwing together a glaical, near perfect piece of synthetic sorrow. The main riff sounds like the opening of an Italian horror classic and the slow pulse makes us think of Nosferatu contemplating eternity from his lonely perch of immortality. Does it get better? Probably not. Listen below, and pre-order the whole, excellent EP from here