Premiere Inn: Round Up 29.01.16


Chrissy – Presidential Astrologer (Saville Remix)

Recalling that his old friend Charlton knew the Roman emperors personally, Reagan called him up from the big red phone. "So, Ben, Nancy has been talking to some ol' Joanie at one of her First Lady engagements and she reckons that your ol' pal Caesar took advice from some of these astronomer guys".

"ASTROLOGY!", Nancy shouted from the wings as she laid out his PJs on the davenport, and wiped down the framed picture of Maggie.

"Ah Ronnie, good to hear from you", Charlton replied as he struggled to put his vest on over his rifle-strap. "Well Sir, you do realise that was just a film role?", he said politely. 

"Yeah sure I do Ben, that Italian guy makes a real tasty salad, I know he was acting, you know he was acting, but the electorate in Wisconsin doesn't. It's our secret Ben!", Ronnie replied. "I called Maggie, fine-looking woman, she said to speak to some guy she uses, Russell Grant, he has all the Goddamn answers. Look how well she's doing! What you think Ben? BEN?!!!"

"Brrr…….." The phone line drops dead.

Picking up his cowboy hat, and fondly patting it on to The President's head, Nancy calms Ronnie down and reaches for the business card from her clutch bag. The Free World would continue to be safe in their hands.

Chrissy – Growl EP is out now on Freerange Records. Buy it HERE.

Simoncino – Il Sole Boogie

Cosmic blips and bleeps squeak as the moon glimmers. A pale beam of light glistens along the pier as the couple stroll towards the end, towards the water, those ocean waves calling out louder now in the moonlight than ever before. The tide brought them in and out. They gazed out towards the island which sat on the shimmering horizon, it was a silhoutte, an outline against the ocean expanse. Boats were leaving now and then, they would catch the next not knowing where it might take them, the risk was worth it all, they had heard the stories and it was time to leave. 

Simoncino is set to release a five track EP for Rowtag Records shortly. Here is "Il Sole Boogie". Listen below:

Follow Rowtag Records on Soundcloud HERE. Buy the record HERE.

Costelloe – Pheta X

The spaceship rocketed through hyperspace, stars flashed past in a blur as the fiery engines roared. Looking through a little window, in the distance a space station could be seen floating on the brink of sight, Pheta X was becoming more visible with each passing moment. It was still lightyears away but they were soaring fast now, faster than ever before, across the blackened sky and through the cosmic fragments of space. They were flying so damn high, darkness awaited.  

Here is the latest release from Irish producer and owner of Raw Tools, Costelloe. The release comes with remixes from Lerosa and DJ Overdose. Listen to Pheta X below: 

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Riccio – Uhh

The hum of a guitar can be heard blowing on the breeze between the trees of the Hubalub island. The crowd gathered around a trio of performers who found themselves dancing in the open space beside the beach house. The sun had begun to set and tribal drums clattered as they danced amongst the sand. A solitary bird flew by, it's shadow all that was visible, a black silhouette against the dying light of the shrinking sun. Rum was passed between revelers and the crowd rejoiced as a count was issued: "1, 2, 3, 4, UHH". The drums resumed. 

Bosconi Extra Virgin is an interesting label capturing the spread of a highly international sound. Listen to Riccio's take on dirty funk below as he captures an enthusiastic energy on "Uhh". 

Visit the Bosconi Soundcloud HERE.

Son Dos – Children Of Almost

It was becoming more apparent. Pub tales and hoary drunken anecdotes, trending tweets and Facebook shares, now the red-tops were also cashing in on the voyeurism. It had seemed nothing more than a ghost story, something to keep spirits up and nerves taut around some blazing hardwood and tinder. From Brecon to Bavaria, and continental cases in Auckland and Alaska, chinese-whispered chatter all described the same. The children in these disparate, secluded communities had powers, they were abnormal, tainted with a destructive dissonance which they fielded advantageously. Opposing this folklore were a growing community of scientists. Based in Sweden, they envisioned harnessing this sonic energy, planned an influx of these wunderkind youth and magnifying the effect for the greater good, restoring harmony and humanity. 

Son Dos – Children of Almost is part of Outcast Oddity 002 and can be bought HERE and HERE. This track is only available on the digital release. 

Cannibal Ink – Sirius B (Timothy J Fairplay Remix)

Away from the shadow cast by it's celestial sibling, B hosts an exclusive party in the night sky, invisible to the populous who throng around it's brother. A manic amphibian crew fill the floor, mermaids and mermen throbbing to the soundtrack captured from Earth. Their ark had apprehended a human, ensonced him with the Nommos, where he could create dark magical, mystifying sexual reverbarations. Radio waves that orbited in the dark spaces, secret frequencies that splintered the cosmos and rebounding beats that once snapped echoed into the infinite distance.

Cannibal Ink – Sirius B is released on Melomana on 11th February 2016. Follow them HERE.

Chupacabras – Electronic Breakdown

The wires in the laboratory were beginning to tighten as the sparks illuminated the darkened room. The experiment had been years in planning and many had struggled ferociously with their inner demons over the course of the project. The group of scientists had teetered on the edge of electronic breakdown so many times before but this was the closest that they had come to total catastophic failing. Would it work? 

Based in Brooklyn Chupacabras has found form on his tapes for Tutamen and his EP for Go Finger. He features on a split 12" with Brother Y and finds himself exploring elements of cosmic house. Listen to 'Electronic Breakdown' below: 

Follow Tutamen on Facebook HERE and visit the bandcamp to buy releases HERE.

Offset – Moist (Morgan Hammer Remix)

A long morning had left Philippe scratching to connect the sum of the wired parts together, to string them into a semblance, a structure. Cables had been coupled, triggers synced, matrix mapped. He needed respite, some food, some wine, some space. Damp outside, he grabbed his jacket and pulled the door closed and went down the winding staircase and left the apartment block. He hurried down the street and was quickly at the cafe. The waiter knew him well, and brought him café au lait, and a menu. He dined, wined and slowly unwound, watching from the window as a wet world went by. With this peace, he slowly joined the dots and the creativity returned. The rain was short lived, and as he avoided the puddles on his way home, Philippe's ears were pricked as he caught the sound of an insistent guitar riff. A heavy one-note bass line, solitary and driven. Following the short notes, he found himself outside his abode, and down below his feet the sounds coming from the basement flat window. The new neighbour had moved in last week, he had seen the removals van. He walked down the short flight from the pavement side and with the insistance of the Fender, reached for the doorbell and pressed the button marked "Appart Sous-Sol – Mlle Hammer".

Offset – Moist is released on Factor City on 1st February. Find out more HERE.

Lerosa – La Monarca

The court whispered nervously following the verdict. The deed was done. The monarchy were victorious as another bedraggled gentleman was ushered away to the gallows. The curtains close and a whirring chord echoes through the chamber, the noise piercing the ears of all present to hear in a show of power… 

Based in Dublin, Lerosa has been steadily releasing music for over ten years now for labels that include Ostgut Ton, HotMix and Ferox Records. His latest outing is on Slow Motion Records as he delivers a four track EP full of exotic synth layers, deep basslines and hearty drums. This one is good. Listen to La Monarca Here: 

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Theus Mago – Wrong Spell

"Did I say something wrong? Just tell me". Spellbound by the voice on the phone, disguised, mutated, hiding his real identity, she would feel uneasy answering and imparting the truth she held close. Who was protecting who, and for what reason? She had plenty of justification to conceal her true emotions, and had been through this ardent drilling before, when she still held love for him, when she was still oblivious of his history. His motives now were bare to see, the rolling news had made sure of that. She had managed to distance herself and her daughter from the flak so far, the caustic contamination kept at bay from this acid rain of political fallout.

Theus Mago – Wrong Spell is on Duro Records on 1st February. You can get more details HERE.