Premiere Inn: Round Up 28.10.16


PREMIERE: Kane Ikin – Slowburner

The car moved forwards towards the red light. Beneath the bonnet there was little sound but for a faint hum, the engine purred softly, waiting to roar into life and pounce into action. As the lights changed from red to orange to green he accelerated forward, however, this race was not a sprint but a slowburner. It would require patience in order for him to win. As the wheels spun against the dark concrete, the streetlights beamed down from up above. Move slow, think fast. 

Echovolt continue to deliver interesting and intriguing music as part of their series of mini albums. Following the success of the first release in the series from Templeyard Studios, they now return with a new six track effort from Kane Ikin. Based in Melbourne he delivers a record full of moody scientific constructions, dark soundscapes and sludge. Listen to a track titled "Slowburner" from the release below: 

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PREMIERE: Matt Karmil – Juicy Fruits

The packet glared out at him from the shelf. It glowed with radiant colour and delight, he could practically taste the texture of what lay deep inside. His mouth began to water and he bubbled with excitement. It was a sunkissed dream, a tangy twist of spectacular proportions. The pleasure which he would soon retain from the taste of what lay within the silver lined paper would keep him awake for hours. Juicy fruit was the name of the game, the only one in town… It would be his. 

Matt Karmil appears amongst a diverse array of company on the anniversary compilation from Hypercolour. In celebration of ten year's as a label they have invited the likes of Matthew Herbert, Roman Flugel, Luke Vibert to appear on a 16 track release. Matt Karmil contributes with "Juicy Fruit". Listen below:

The compilation is expected on the 11th of November HERE

PREMIERE: Cubik – Fathom Feeder

The pressure was becoming too much. He felt submerged in his own thoughts, drowning in the waves of self-doubt which he could no longer keep from surfacing. He wrestled to keep that darkness locked inside, the moments when he was safe from the debris were getting briefer. He took a deep breath and dove deeper this time, the rush of the endorphins like sonar signals drove him to the blackness. He wasn't waving.

Cubik consist of Michael Sweeney, Clark 'Pav' Davison & Jo Howard (Bird Of Paradise), North East likely lads who have been running parties since 2012, supporting the likes of Daniel Avery, Todd Terje, Man Power and John Talabot. On their debut production for Nein, they show a raw and stripped back slo- techmo: sub-bass kicks, glitchy percussion, crashing cymbals and a bassline which echoes Aphex Twin. Darkroom business, with glimpses of the bright lights just out of reach.

Cubik – All But Human EP is released by Nein on 28th October 2016. Pre-order it HERE. Follow Cubik on Facebook HERE.

PREMIERE: Ordinate – OR 05

The drone had departed from the gates of hell. The military operation had been underway for several months amidst the dusty outback of the middle east. They were camoflauged beneath the golden cover of the dunes, the sun burnt down upon the coarse, brutal landscape. The engine of the drone echoed relentlessly above the rocky cliffs as it approached the small town. Looking down, the camera showed what lay below, what would cease to exist very soon. Or 05 was on the move. 

Abscissa are releasing a new EP from Ordinate. The record will feature four tracks of moody techno and drone style music. Ordinate is made up of the duo that is John Flynn and JP Hartnett. Listen to "OR 05" below:

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PREMIERE: Damon Bell – Ether

The air blew slowly in the warmth of the deep blue sky. Above the clouds, amidst the ether, the plane flew slowly leaving a trail of puffy white steam behind. From the earth below, many could see it travel overhead. They knew not where the flight was going and when it would land but for now it existed in their temporary stream of conciousness. On board, there was an eerie sense of calm throughout the cabin. People gazed through those tiny little windows back down to the ground. Green and blue were all that could be seen. 

Damon Bell appears on a new EP for Meda Fury which also sees him collaborate with the enigmatic Afrikan Sciences. The release is titled "Altered Visions". Listen to his track "Ether" below:

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PREMIERE: Shedbug – Aftermath

In the darkest recess of his mind the thoughts would whirl and whirl. In the aftermath of the night before he could recall causing bitter chaos, the party had ended and the trouble had commenced. He lived for that, for the buzz, for the adrenaline of a fight, a punch up in an alley. Soon however, the consequences would catch up with him and he may well live to regret his actions. The aftermath was always worse than the incident itself. The thoughts raged on and on. 

Shedbug is about to release a new EP on Flux Records. The EP comes with a remix from Tuff City Kids and will be released on vinyl only on the 7th of November next month. Here is Shedbug's "Aftermath". Listen below: 

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PREMIERE: The Fin. – Through The Deep (The Field Remix)

In the depths of the jungle lay a swampy marsh. Through the deep, between the long reeds lay a creature in hiding. It slithered through the murky waters waiting to prey upon the innocent boatsmen of the woodland. They would be the next to fall victim to its vicious tallons and its cold, hateful bite. The rain poured down upon the pond, ripples swept gracefully upon the surface of the water, if only they had known what awaited, through the deep, through the deep. 

The Fin are an ethereal pop band originating from Japan. This summer saw them release "Through The Deep": now a re-imagined EP sees the likes of The Field, Ten Fe and All We Are step up to remix the group. Listen to The Field's version below: 

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