Premiere Inn: Round Up 27.01.17


PREMIERE: Bawrut – Routa

The Madrid based musician is set to return to our in house record label with a new EP packed with jacking acid riffs and playful melody. The three track EP follows on from his previous release on the label which first emerged in spring of last year. The forthcoming release has already been well received by the likes of Erol Alkan, Lena Willikens, Cosmo Vitelli and more.

Routa is a beefy banger dedicated to Ruta Del Bakalao (aka the greatest Spanish rave doc ever made), with all the gleefully belligerent stomp of Homework era Daft Punk. Listen below: 

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PREMIERE: Cyclonix – Holographic Principle

The light shone hazily upon the cliff face. Was it a vision, a dream or reality. The holographic principle would be the only way to determine whether this was simply a figment of his imagination or a bitter fact. The rock was awash with the beams of light from above and it cast a spell across the village which sat in its wake. No grass grew and no wind blew upon this desolate land. The people who lived there were buried under fear but the holographic principle might save them. 

Cyclonix is set to release a four track EP on Talahachi. Having previously released music on the likes of Ruff Draft, Horn Wax and Disconnected he now returns with some experimental electrics for the obscure minded. Listen to "Holographic Principle" below: 

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VIDEO PREMIERE: Cold – Ghost Cop (WOLVVES Remix)

Ghost Cop are Brooklyn based duo Lucy Swope and Sean Dack. Sean has been part of the Throne Of Blood family for time, as Pixelife, label DJ and video producer for Jokers Of The Scene. The synth wave band have just released a serious remix package featuring versions by Posthuman, Max Pask, Curses and this mix here by WOLVVES. The video is produced by Sean himself, and has an 80s New Order promo feel to it. With lo-res and distorted projections, and a flicker book feel to its psyche, the acid interrupts this transmission to bring you some cut-up vox and machine drum rhythms.

Ghost Cop – The Remixes is out NOW. Photo credit: Elizabeth Valleau.

PREMIERE: Dave Aju – Tell Her Why

They would have to alert her to the danger which lurked outside. She knew not what lay beneath the river outside and they would have to tell her why it was no longer safe to leave the house. The monster was pure evil and a villainous fiend, the swamp creature from the murky space beyond. They watched her as she looked longingly from the window of her apartment. She remained blissfully aware of the dangers this world could summon, to her it was simply golden. 

Dave Aju takes a different turn on his new EP for Circus Company. His "10101" EP is due for release on the 3rd of February next month and sees him draw upon influences electro influences and hardware inspiration. Listen to "Tell Her Why" below: 

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PREMIERE: Justin Robertson's Deadstock 33s – Soft Geometry (Cavern Of Anti Matter Remix)

The angle was off and the manipulation a mess. Whoever had been involved in the design of such a structure had blatantly followed in the process of soft, inaccurate geometry. The building loomed like a deformed, bulbous mutation from the depths of the concrete. Little lights could be seen flickering from the windows up above, an orange glow in the midst of the evening. A strange whirring noise echoed across the summertime sky and the thoughts of a nation sped fast. 

The tail end of last year saw the announcement of Justin Robertson's Deadstock 33s remixed. The release is expected at the end of January on Skint Records. Listen to the Cavern Of Anti Matter remix below: 

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PREMIERE: Janeret – Traveller

The voyage would take quite some time. The journey would be long but in the end it would all be worth it. As they left their little island they wondered what lay beyond the wild seas. Just like their forefathers who had come before they would travel to unchartered lands, seeking out prosperity, hope and wonder. As the sun set behind them upon their old home they did not look back, for there was to be no reflection on the past and time was of the essence.

Janeret is just one of an array of artists who are set to appear on a brand new compilation being presented by Illusion Recordings. Norm Talley, Keith Worthy and many more also feature. Listen to "Traveller" below:

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PREMIERE: S&W – Wind Up Bird

The sky was a royal blue and the air was thick under the heat of the sun. As the birds flew high between the trees she pondered what it might be like to soar with them, to wind herself up and throw herself into the sky out there. She dreamed of flying wildly between the branches, careering above great cities and looking down on the insignificance of life below. She wanted out, that was for sure but she could see little way. Maybe one day she would fly with them, just not for now. She extinguished her cigarette and walked back inside. 

S&W are the next to release on Dub Disco. The pair offer up the newly founded label's second release which sees them contribute three dance floor cuts. Listen to "Wind Up Bird" below: 

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PREMIERE: Caprithy – Mydriasis

His eyes were pixelated and blurry, his vision hazy and disorientated. He stared oddly out into the distance as his pupils began to dilate. He was a mess, a crazed body without a sense of direction. The grass was damp beneath his boots as he marched heavily through the field. Mydriasis left him looking strange and lost, a coarse body without a home. He couldn't fathom what might follow next, what lay beyond the marshes and the cries of battle. He cried in the night.

Caprithy is an up and coming Russian artist who steps up to feature on Isaiah Tapes. He delivers a three track EP for the label which is set for release on the 11th of February next month. Listen to "Mydriasis" below: 

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PREMIERE: Youngg P – Carpathian Rave

The dancing had begun in the depths of the cave. The music whirled and echoed around the chamber as the fire began to blaze. This was nothing like he had ever imagined or foreseen. The place was packed to the rafters and the warwhoops of a nation would be heard all throughout the night. This was animalistic, primal by nature and as the time went on the chaos descended into a carpathian rave of monstrous proportions. Away they went, on and on. 

Youngg P steps up to release a jacking primal house come techno EP for the infamous up and coming Private Persons record label. This one is packed with drive and precision. Listen to "Carpathian rave" below: 

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PREMIERE: Endian – Global

The rotation was hypnotic. As the space shuttle cruised through the atmosphere up above he couldn't help but reflect on the little world he had left behind down below. The global space plan would take him to new heights, further than any astronaut had ever been before, a first for mankind. Yet somehow he felt sad and strange. This was what he had always dreamed of since he was a little boy: now it was a reality and he felt disjointed and out of sorts. It was all a bit odd. 

Secretsundaze kickstart 2017 with a new EP from pioneering figure Endian. The highly experienced veteran producer returns with a bang as he delivers two tracks on the London based record label. Listen to the title track "Global" below: 

Buy the release from the 3rd of February HERE

PREMIERE: Sonderr – Overboard

As he looked out to sea he pondered his fate. Was it worth throwing himself overboard or should he hold on for dear life. As the shouts echoed in his ears he had never felt more alone. The warship was bound for a far away land in which he knew he had no place. This was not his destiny, nor his ambition or calling. He had never planned on being here but the conscription had left him little choice. Now he was a man of war headed to the land of palms and sand. 

Sonderr are about to release on Shall Not Fade's sub label Lost Palms. The pair deliver four tracks of dusty house as they begin to steadily pick up steam. Listen to "Overboard" below: 

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