Premiere Inn – Round Up 26.10.15


The Suicide Of Western Culture – Amor De Madre

As Western culture makes an ever-fastening speed into the plughole of decline, we can all console ourselves with the fact that love is something that we can well and truly believe in. We're not saying that romantic love is the best sort of thing, oh goodness no, but the way that we love and cherish our families – most importantly that wonderful woman who brought us into this world. Sure, we may shower them in gifts a couple of times a year but the real love is what we show with our intrigue and smiling faces.

Despite the rather defeatist attitude of their name, The Suicide Of Western Culture may well agree with us on this front as their top-notch new sounds are filed under the name 'Amor De Madre'. In fact, here's what they told us about where this all came from;

Back in the 80s, there was a rampant heroin problem in the suburbs of Barcelona where we lived. Guys that we know who survived and recovered from it all have a tattoo on their arm, made with a needle and pen ink that says “Amor de Madre” meaning “Mothers Love".

We're more than happy to give all our love to these sounds and we reckon you should give this a good old listen to help find out why.

Long Live Death! Down With Intelligence! is out on 13th November via El Segell del Primavera.

Rionegro – Merecumbé

Eagle-eyed R$N readers will have spotted our interview with the ace Rionegro last week and should no longer need any introduction or explanation as to what they're all about. For those of you that are more occasional visitors to these here pages, here's a quick summary of how they sound…

"An electronic ode to the dance music of South America, the record was recorded by four friends, Sebastián “Sano” Hoyos, Gregorio “Gladkazuka” Gomez, Natalia Valencia, and Matias Aguayo, holed up for a month in a house studio buried in the countryside outside the Columbian town Rionegro. The record they emerged with pulses with night heat, crackling rhythms and raw grooves – jacking house played to a salsa beat."

We're more than happy to be sharing 'Merecumbé' with you right here as it's blindingly good and is sure to pull you in with all the force of a bodybuilder in a tug of war. Go on, treat yourself;

Merecumbé is out on 30th October via Cómeme.

Contours – Seven Arched Tongues

Our favourite section of any orchestra has to be the Rhythm Section. It's the engine, the driving force – and Bradley Zero's night was more than instrumental, if not a primary component, to Peckham's musical pool exploding the way it has over the last couple of years. The label from which the night spawned has had an exceptional first year and sauntered into it's second a couple of months ago in June. Following the beautiful, laid back, nocturnal grooves of Chaos in the CBD's Midnight in Peckham, Rhythm Section Intl. see the ninth release showcase the polyrhythmic, textured work of Contours, lilting, rolling rhythms shuffling under optimistic chords and breathy, fuzz-edged bass;

Technician is out on 13th November via Rhythm Section International – pre-order your copy on Bandcamp and iTunes.

The 2 Bears – Unbuild It (Naum Gabo Remix)

Having spent the last year or so with a building site just outside R$N Towers, the phrase "Unbuild It!" has been yelled many a time from our rooftop. With the way that London is headed, we're wishing for a simpler time when all the buildings were filled with character rather than being faceless, characterless blocks built to house faceless, characterless blocks. We'd love a nice bit of culture back, please?

On an incredibly loosely related note, Naum Gabo has created one hell of a remix of the latest sounds from the ever-brilliant The 2 Bears. The remix gives a fresh tale on the sounds that'll have your ears asking for the bill because they couldn't take another drop. Go on, treat yourself to this beauty;

The Night is Young Remixed is out on 6th November via Southern Fried Records.

Tronik Youth – Losing My Mind – Rodion Mix

There's no doubting that every single one of us here at R$N Towers is completely out of our minds – if you've ever read anything on here before, you'll know that this can only be true. While we may have been urged by our loved ones to return to the world of sanity, there's just not quite enough fun in being sane to keep us interested – it's far more fun to be out of our tiny little minds.

Tronik Youth would seem to agree with us, given the name of his latest sounds, and by proxy of the fact that Rodion has given these sounds a remix he too must enjoy insanity. So prick up your ears, let your mind out the door and venture on into this crazy ol' world;

Losing my Mind is out soon via Nein Records.

You can give the video for the original a watch right here as well;

Public Service Broadcasting – Sputnik (Eagles & Butterflies Remix)

Step out into the world of space and see all your wildest fantasies come true. As you gaze out into the eternal ether, there is very little in your view that isn't actually a million miles away. This is about as far out as you can get and yet there appears to be some kind of satellite resting just upon what the 'land-people' would call a horizon. But it's fine, it's a welcome addition to your view and even adds a little colour.

In other news, we've get an excellent bit of remixing to share with you as Eagles & Butterflies does a brilliant job of re-shaping 'Sputnik' by Public Service Broadcasting. We know you're really going to get right into this so, without further delay, we present you with one hell of an aural gift;

Sputnik/Korolev is out on 20th November – pre-order your copy here

Heretic – Trite Progression (Fairmont Remix)

The young Belgian detective glanced discerningly at the opulence and guilty bravado of the crystal cut glass revolving doors as he pushed on the South African gold unsmudged hand rail.

At the desk, the Canadian concierge was punctilious and reserved, yet a surreptitious air pricked the conscience of the keen savant. He fixed his waxy extremes as he considered the assistants’ motive, awaiting his porter.

Withdrawn to his suite, he removed his patent leather shoes and reclined high above The Strand. The obliged gratuity to the janitor had given the junior sleuth the matter for his little grey cells.

His denouement would be imminent.

Trite Progression is out on 23rd November via Nein Records.

Witch – Flec (Leyla Records)

As the end of October approaches, an eerie chill fills the air and the feeling of unease that flows through all of us grows intensely. There's something a tad sinister about every last sound that we hear and we're sure that we heard a peculiar sound floating in on the breeze. This year there's an even greater twinge about this chill and it has flecks of something greater than even hidden within it.

That might well be because of the upcoming EP release from Witch, an English duo who are providing our ears with a gritty and tough techno workout. This particular offering, 'Flec', that we're fortunate to be sharing with you today is a steadily marching beaut that'll mess with your mind and make you feel as though all manner of spells have been cast upon you. You have been warned but we'd still heartily recommend indulging in this aural gem;

Induction Hardened Bedways is out on 4th December via Leyla Records.

Emma De Séze – Spacio Cold (Richard Rossa Modular Edit)

We're getting further away from what's briefly referred to as summer here in London, and as such we're finding ourselves more and more often in cold spaces. And these cold spaces themselves grow in size, bleeding from the centre of wide Victorian squares at midnight down the wide main roads earlier and earlier, until it filters through alleys and floods the nooks around, ooh half five these days? And in homage, a theme, an anthem has been composed to this pervasive and brutal temperature. But this is just the start my friends. The worst is yet to come.

Richard Rossa, Italian synth-disco wizard and head of the Tom Tom Disco label, turns out a rhythmic, beat-focused remix of Emma De Seze's recent Spacio Cold. Plenty of syncopated cowbell and glowering synth flux beneath here, slightly restrained for Rossa which gives prominence to the rhythms and resulting in an infectious head-nodder.

Due out on 29th October, the release is available digitally and features remixes from other Tom Tom Disco names James Rod & TYf.

Ludovico Einaudi – Elements (DJ Tennis Remix)

We're all well aware that all kinds of elements make up each and every thing in the world that surrounds us – from the oxygen in the air to the potassium in bananas, every last element does a crucial job in making our lives as sweet as can be. Unfortunately we probably don't quite give them the love that they deserve and we bet that there's not one of you reading this who can recite the periodic table without giving it a quick google.

Luckily help is at hand as Ludovico Einaudi has given credit to the elements with the title of his latest sounds and DJ Tennis has further this elemental love by putting together a rather special remix. We know that you're going to love this one so tuck right in – things are about to get eleMENTAL;

Elements Remixes is out soon via Decca.

BlowEnder – The Phase

Our lives go in endless phases that intertwine with each other and yet never quite seem to join up. The various aspects of our lives may overlap in certain circumstances yet we'd secretly all prefer to keep each of them separate so we can be all greedy like and keep all the goody-goodness of each of them to ourselves.

It seems as though BlowEnder are fans of a nice bit of phase as their latest sounds 'The Phase' get the business done right up front. The Lithuanian duo protest on their Soundcloud page that "We don't give a f**k" but by the quality of these sounds they've put a fair bit of effort in. Judge for yourself right here;

Find out more about BlowEnder here.

Disco Halal – Baladi (Mehmet Aslan Edit)

One of the finest voyeurs of sound to have graced our ears in the last year or so is the legendary Moscoman. We're big fans of this glorious horse enthusiast and everything he touches seems to turn to aural gold in a matter in instants. His Disco Halal label is just one such example of how he's able to do no wrong when there's music involved.

This Mehmet Aslan edit is exactly the sort of thing we're talking about and this brand of unique disco is something that Disco Halal is doing far better than anything else. So take off your shoes and slip into this beauty;

Find out more about Disco Halal here.

Headaches – V (Human Pitch)

Trying to learn Roman numerals at school gave all of us here at R$N Towers a headache. We could never quite remember what D or L stood for. Don't get us wrong, we're more than comfortable enough with the I, M and X of it all – and, in face, we've got an extra special soft spot for a good V – but the idea of staring at that little nib at the end of a TV programme made before the year MM (2000) quite simply made our heads hurt.

Fortunately, Headaches' new LP – out very soon indeed via the brilliant Human Pitch – sticks to the kind of numbers that we're familiar with and the sounds on offer are actually something of a soothing remedy for any pain caused to our noggins in the process. Whether you're feeling high or low, stick this in your ears and you'll be on top of the world within minutes;

Aluphor is out on 6th November via Human Pitch – pre-order your copy here.

Aron Ottignon – Waves

Way back when we were kids the very best thing you could do for a family holiday was to head down to the beach with your bucket and spade in hand. There was none of this sunbathing lark, we'd simply go about making our sandcastles in between bouts of one of the most fun activities ever created – jumping the waves. We're not talking anything classy like, just those tiddlers that came up to your childhood knees and got the hem of your super-cool T-shirt slightly damp.

It seems that Aron Ottignon's type of 'Waves' are a fair bit more sophisticated and are considerably easier on the ear. Though we may not be at the beach we're still having a whale of a time and we reckon you'll ease into these sounds rather nicely indeed;

Aron Ottignon's Waves EP is out on 6th November.

Various Artists – The Jupiter Menace

What was Star Wars: The Phantom Menace all about, eh? Too much podracing and trade negotiations and not enough Darth Maul and Liam Neeson getting down to it. Fortunately there's a brand new menace in town and this one DEFINITELY won't ruin and of your childhood hopes and dreams. It comes in the form of The Jupiter Menace, the debut release on Paraguayan Techno/House trio LPZ brand new label.

The label has been set up to represent their country's underground dance scene and it sounds as though we should all be turning our ears towards Paraguay in search of new sounds. Have a listen to the debut release and find out why we've already booked all the tickets for flights to Paraguay up for the next month;

LPZ 001 is out on 2nd November via LPZ Records.