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Phil Kieran – Find Love (Andrew Weatherall Remix)

We struggle each day. We know it is out there, and often shown to us. Sometimes we just miss it, and then it can start to fade when it only yearns for strength. We want it's warm and hazy fuzz, that puts some fire in our bellies and some stoke in our groin. And when it is found, that love grows enormous, like a full moon or a beautiful Asian sunrise. And you never forget that, ever.

From Phil Kieran's latest album comes a double header remix package from experts Roman Flugel and this one from The Guvnor Andrew Weatherall. Shimmying and shaking, glorious and glowing. Yearning and optimistic,with a bassline bubbling like the warms springs of a distant mineral pool. Vocals are just like soft winds, cooling the heat of a wonderful trippy tease.

Phil Kieran 'Blinded By The Sun Remixes Part 1' is released 24th February on Hot Creations.

Real D – Stuck In The Realness

As the car pulled up outside the house she cast a long look inside. The cool breeze blew wild in her hair cutting through the hot summer night. The music blared loudly from the speaker system and the car shook under the pressure of the weight. Friday night was the time to become lost within the evenings noise. Stuck in the realness there was very little way to escape from the clique. They had become as much a part of her as any family, a cult if you will. 

Real D returns to Waxtefacts following his appearance on the label last summer. He delivers four cool and collected house tracks purpose built for the hazy skies of summer. Listen to "Stuck In The Realness" below: 

Waxtefacts will celebrate their first anniversary as a label in Berlin on the 17th of March. More details HERE

Nathan Surreal – Human Music

The sound of people was all around. The traffic lights flickered from red to green and the masses charged between pavements like a great herd. The sound of horns and sirens bounced excitedly between the towering heights of skyscrapers and the dim grey sky shone fuzzily above. This was human music, the sound of a city and the noise of a far gone land. Somewhere the grass was greener and the air did not hang so heavy like smog laden dew but it was not this place. 

Nathan Surreal makes his first appearance on Biologic Records as he delivers two tracks of high energy house music. The EP is concluded by the appearance of two remixes from Neville Watson and Adesse Versions. Listen to the original version of "Human Music" below: 

Buy the release from the 13th of march HERE

Placid One – B4 You

Belgian producer Placid One has been carving out a sound that combines a melancholic sense of melody with tightly programmed drum patterns, all distinguished by his extensive use of stand-alone synths and drum machines.

Today’s premiere, B4 You is a case in point – a mix of tough technoid breakbeats, sorrowful chords and Detroit-esque acid squiggles, it’s testimony to the idea that dance music can be as uplifting as it is sad, and suggests there is plenty more to come from this young talent…

B4 You is released on Soundhitectures on Feb 27th – more info on the Placid One Soundcloud

Ofeliadorme – Alone With The Stars

"Atop the hill the cold wind blew. She shivered beneath it's weighty presence. The stars shone tonight against the ominous black. She was alone…"

Ofeliadorme are a group made up of Francesca Bono, Michele Postpischl and Tato Izzia. Based in Bologna the three piece band align somewhere the the melancholy pop of PJ Harvey and the glimmering euphoria of the Cocteau Twins or Portishead. Warm, moody and amidst a distant haze the group produce otherworldly music with a haunting edge. 

Produced by UK veteran Howie B their music is enchantingly bleak and beautiful. 

Next month will see the release of the groups album on HB Recordings, the 17th of March to be precise. In the meantime watch an exclusive video for "Alone With The Stars" below: 

Liquid City Motors – Catalytic Converter

Following a string of releases on Close Up of the Serene, the latest EP from Milwaukee producer Liquid City Motors lands imminently on New York/Dublin platform Glacial Industries, who've previously released music from the likes of v1984, Rabit and Sharp Veins.

According to LCM, Current Source "represents spazzed-out dance floor catharsis, deference to the progenitors of Midwestern club music, and a manic obsession with the production, replication, and perception of recorded sound." 

We're premiering a cut titled 'Catalytic Converter', which drapes its emotive, yearning keys over urgent breakbeats. Listen below, and let LCM guide you through some of his influences in our Q&A.

Michael Mayer & Joe Goddard – For You (Dj Koze Mbira Mix)

Roll up, roll up! This one is large. 

How many big names can you place on one track? That is the question which the !K7 team must have been required to ask when assigning remix responsibilities to the music of Michael Mayer and Joe Goddard. The announcement of Dj Koze's appearance follows on from remixes by Solomun and the Pachanga Boys. The Pampa boss has had a quiet start to the year and his appearance on the new release is his first music to emerge since 2016. 

He provides four reimagined versions, a club version and Mbira version. Listen exclusively to the Mbira version below: 

Buy the release HERE

Verraco – Daniela

She was beautiful. Her dusty boots rattled as she tread through the dusty outback and the sand billowed in a great flurry behind her. She was beautiful. Her gun was loaded and packed away, locked and ready for any trouble which might occur. She was beautiful. Daniela was her name and she was the queen of these parts, no man would cross her, for she was a villainous warrior. 

Verraco is the musical project of an artist based in Medellín, Colombia. Amidst a complicated social, political and economic environment he rebels against external pressure through music whilst using only a Korg MS20, Juno 106 and Yamaha CS80. This is the first release to appear on his own label, Insurgentes. A musical protest if you will. Listen to "Daniela" below: 

Buy the release HERE

Sentiments feat. Franck Gerard – Freecell 52

The floatation device was beginning to fail as the waves came crashing in. Deep beneath the ocean lay a villainous predator which was capable of striking at any time. They were in perilous trouble. Mission Freecell 52 had gone horribly wrong and they were all that was left. Submarine's weren't supposed to fail, the sonar system had crashed leaving them unmarked amidst the dense black water. Light was fading, now as they clung tightly onto the raft they began to close their eyes. 

Light On Earth is a newly formed record label to emerge from Lyon, run by Sentiments he delivers its debut release. This one is already rallying support and is looking like it might sell quickly. Listen to "Freecell 52" below: 

Buy the release from the 24th of March HERE

Das Ding – Drone Confirmation

"As the soaring chopper flew high above the walls of the city below it looked out upon glimmering lights, poverty, wealth and all between."

Das Ding appears on a new compilation which has been curated by Bizaarbazaar and features an array of exceptional music from a data bank of talented producers and musicians. The website marks seven years of online activity with the release of the compilation which will be released on cassette. 

In their own words the release is "a compilation of musical works in tune with the aspiration of the platform: to contest the dictates of society" as they continue to fight against "the unpredictable mutations of the web".

The debut release from the site/label is expected in March next month and features music from Sean Pierce, R Gamble, Pyramid Club and more. However, it is with some excitement that the release also brings with it new music from Das Ding who has been best known for his reissued music on Minimal Wave. Listen and watch the video for "Drone Confirmation" below:

A1. Goolyk x Bergsonist – Cosmic Displacement
A2. Fallbeil – Ausnahmezustand
A3. Damcase – C45ER1
A4. ARIISK – Illusions Come
A5. Wilted Woman – Guppy
A6. Villa Abo – Separated Worlds Together

B1. Dungeon Acid – Hovering Above Yourself and Watching From Below
B2. Antonio – Slow Dawn
B3. Snow Bone – Hemolymph
B4. Gaul Plus – Penalty Game
B5. Thtsmbtch – 1u_2b
B6. Strahinja Arbutina – Generator

C1. Buttechno – 808 Loop
C2. Seixlack – Escarpiao
C3. G Zifcak – Antonym
C4. Ekman – Keep Calm And Watch The Screen
C5. DasDing – Drone Confirmation
C6. Pyramid Club – Puncture

D1. R Gamble – Standard Time
D2. Robert Bergman – Only Do It Wrong
D3. Ciara Black – Profiler
D4. Nick Klein – Weighing Out The Reality
D5. Sean Pierce – Cold Sweat
D6. DJ Loser – Παραλογιζεσαι,Αγαπη

Visit the Bizaarbazaar site HERE

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