Premiere Inn: Round Up 23.09.16


PREMIERE: Pedro Vian – Indian Strings

The searing heat gave rise to a hazed out mind, the repetition of the soft clink from inside the hall the only thing that could be grasped to keep things level. At the front of this beautiful space, the small group of worshippers gathered close and came together, it's simple rhythms brought to life by few instruments. Here, away from glare, they found a solace. 

After releases on labels such as Hivern Discs and Mathematics, label owner Pedro Vian releases his debut LP 'Beautiful Things You Left Us For Memories' on his own MOM imprint. The broad musical palette touches on atmospheric and abstract sonics, Cocteau Twins influenced dream pop and slow techno such as this track featured here. Wooden block percussion and fuzzed out bass arpeggios, ominous strings and rebounding shimmers keep this rhythmic octave oscillator steadfast and solid, and then a sweetly naive melodica lead comes over all New Order. Which is only ever a great thing.

Pedro Vian – Beautiful Things You Left Us For Memories is released by Modern Obscure Music and can be pre-ordered HERE.

PREMIERE: Look Like – Spring & You

The debut release on Akoya Circles comes courtesy of label boss and Colombian-Swiss DJ Luca Duran, aka Look Like. Just a couple of releases into his production career, his residency at Zurich's Zukunft club has already made him someone to keep a close eye on. Now, following his B.A.B.E EP on Drumpoet Community, Duran is launching his own imprint with the Spring & You 12".

We're premiering the (rather amazing) title track. Old school house/disco vibes with a glistening modern sheen. Skittering drums, underwater vocals, whirling keys, a reassuring voice that lets you know everything's going to be alright… just go with the flow… This is lovely, deep stuff – and not just big boy end of the swimming pool deep, but Marianas Trench deep. Listen below:

Spring & You is out October 14th on Akoya Circles.

PREMIERE: Red Axes – Waiting For A Surprise (Von Party vs Red Axes Remix)

What are you waiting for? Go on, jump in. The water is warm and a liquid paradise awaits. The poolside was a place of elegant sophistication, ladies watched hazily from loungers as gentlemen swam beaneath the lush blue ripples. Over by the bar the music could be heard pouring from small monitors, it echoed blissfully through the open air and travelled beyond the walls of the palace. All is well for what lies within but over the wall, a perilous plague had began to unfold. They remained happily ignorant inside the palace whilst the world fell to turmoil. 

Red Axes have developed a notoriety unlike few others. In recent years they have powered through the ranks releasing music on the likes of Permanent Vacation, Crosstown Rebels and more. They have amassed quite the reputation. Now they are joined by friends from far and wide on a remix EP for Thomas Von Party's Multi Culti label. He collaborates with them and creates an alternate version of 'Waiting For A Surprise'. Listen to the Thomas Von Party/ Red Axes collaborative remix below:

Buy the release HERE. Follow Multi Culti on Facebook HERE, Red Axes on Facebook HERE and Thomas Von Party on Facebook HERE.  

PREMIERE: Duncan Gray – 1983

I scarpered hastily, but the sirens never seemed far enough from earshot. My feet slipped on the dark grey gravel track, and I fell hard to my tired knees. Gaining cover from the parked car, catching my breath and working out where I could be safe, the thickening mist of my youth was soon to be complicit in my escape. 

Stepping away from the label day job, Duncan Gray delivers an EP for Marseille label The Exquisite Pain. With that title, the track unsurprisingly has a retro slant to it, with FM-style keys and live instrumentation. Full of synaptic high filters and distant guitars that hang then soar, the unmistakeable bass of Mister Gray drives this curious musical timepiece. Simple oriental-flavoured melodies and pitch bent joystick waggles, the beautiful and poignant detail belies its subtle menace.

Duncan Gray – Broontoon EP is released by The Exquisite Pain Recordings on 3rd October 2016. Look HERE for further details.

PREMIERE: A Vision Of Panorama – Back To Elba

The island had been his home for decades. However, the trees had grown so tall since he had last visited and he wondered if this place might be able to recall his presence from many years ago. He was travelling back to Elba, he hoped the would remember his face and his footprints in the sand but only time would tell. As he stepped onto the island from his great boat, he wondered why he had ever left, the beauty of the tropical paradise was radiant, a haunting reminder of days past. 

A Vision Of Panorama returns with a brand new LP for French label Mellophonia. The release follows a succession of balearic inspired ep's on Music For Dreams, Aficionado and Mellophonia. Listen below: 

Buy the release HERE

PREMIERE: Gryphon Rue – Google Portrait

He loved her more than the camay his mum gave her on her deathbed. she was more than his soulmate, she was him and more It was about the small things and the big picture, she was the whole picture and her portrait hung above the chimney in Le Grand Salon so that he could see it from his favourite armchair when sipping his Armagnac.

Gryphon Rue is the latest upstart to be adopted by Joakim's Tigersushi family. Having worked on tracks with Joakim previously he now steps up to release on the label. Listen to 'Google Portrait' below:

The release will be out on Friday and can be bought HERE

PREMIERE: Gryphon Rue – Google Portrait

She sat beneath the trees, on the bench that they had shared on their first visit to the city. The skies were dappled with cotton, and the autumn sun glimpsed through the slightly brown leaves, freckling her legs with their kind shade. This had been a favourite space. Each year they had come and sat and held each other tighter, every time they had come back stronger and more resolute. Now she did it alone, and although the sadness was overwhelming, the flickering memories and his smile in her eyes made her feel just like the first time.

Mexican Andres Aguirre opener on his new EP for Forbidden Colours is awash with 909 percussion and repeated motifs, subtle circular riffs and some gentle keys before a simple bass and strings break it into a summery house cut. Vintage and reminiscent, spacey, electronic and sublime.

Andres Aguirre – Last Call EP is released by Forbidden Colours on 14th October 2016 and can be pre-ordered HERE.

Ivan Smagghe's Editorial Note

"Thank you John Betjeman but I can't really hear the first part about the girl, the  awashed 909 I can though".

PREMIERE: Easy To Remember – I Don't Know

Late September marks the arrival of the second edition of Unclear Records' A Tribute To Klang Club, a v/a package featuring choice cuts from the likes of Move D, Fred P and Christopher Rau.

We've got the exclusive premiere of 'I Don't Know', the contribution from label heads Easy To Remember. It starts off as a wonky, juddering house track until that confident bassline struts into view and the taut drums wrap things up a bit. Subtle synth melodies permeate the mid-section, getting increasingly jazzy as the percussion continues to rattle on in the background. A wonderful end to a top notch 12".

A Tribute To Klang Club Vol. 2 is out 29th Sept on Unclear Records. Buy it here.

PREMIERE: Angle – Hold Your Breath

Piero and Thomas are Angle, a duo based in Italy and who we're really happy to have come across, because quite simply they make amazing modular techno. Piero is also the designer for Tiptop Audio Records, a California label dedicated to sound research through the use of modular synthesizers. The label have previously put out a pair of compilations with tracks from the likes of Blawan and Surgeon, and now they're releasing Angle's debut EP Hold Your Breath.

We're premiering the excellent title track, an electro missile of bouncy synths and gridsnap drums. Disembodied female voices float around in the ether, but this is the most dancefloor-ready haunting I've ever experienced. One for late night man on a mission motorway driving methinks.

Hold Your Breath is out 23rd Sept on Tiptop Audio Records.


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