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Maurice Puls – Nyeri Hill

Amidst the outback of the African landscape lay a great hill. A terrific hill, Nyeri hill. It could be seen poking its head above the clouds as planes looked down on the golden textured landscape below. Wild animals pranced between the long grass at its foot, it cast a bold shadow over the countryside, it rumbled and roared. It was unlike any hill before, again, and future. 

Here is the latest release from Maurice Puls who delivers two heavy hitting tribal tracks for Quadrants. They pack quite the punch, club ready material. Listen below: 

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Khidja – World Of Noon

The world of noon would be the most captivating expedition on which they had embarked yet. The sun shone for twenty four continuous hours, day and night were at one. This was a place with no darkness, simply endless, enchanting daylight. The voyage might last them a lifetime, they would sail across the galaxies, until they reached the world of noon.

Khidja are seemingly unstoppable at present. Following a string of releases for Love On The Rocks, Malka Tuti, Bahnsteig 23 and more they have decided to launch their own label alongside Borusiade, The Holy Fix and Utopus. The first release on their own P Balans features a track from all . Listen to their forthcoming track below:

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Miajica – Der Schlosser

The silent moon surface disguised the bustling lunar activity just beneath it's dry, grey mantle. The crater was expertly secured as the secrecy of the inhabitants was paramount. Deep in this cavernous environment, the cries of the lunar creatures were full of subterranean sorrow, bent and insistent. Tools were sharpened, the alloys sparking against each other, as they found a rhythm that would help them unpick the lock and they could reveal the true beauty of their form. Hammering against the heavy steel, working in tandem, their only directions were the radio missives from their allies waiting just beyond their orbit. They would break free and their story would be shared.

Miajica aka Mario Robles is a Swiss DJ & producer, who's previous work as part of Alma Negra on Sofrito gained support from the likes of Optimo and Jackmaster. This track on LGDZ is a spacey, Kraut-tinged 23 minute excursion, almost filling the available vinyl platter with its warped and modulated techno, unearthly reptilian rhythms and deep astral jazz pitch bent riffs. 

Miajica – Der Schlosser EP is released by LGDZ and available on vinyl now and digital 3rd June 2016. Follow him on Facebook HERE.

Gemini Brothers – Lost Babylon (In Flagranti Remix)

In the days of Mesopotamia the great streets of Babylon had sprawled for miles and miles. A city untouched, open to the notion of freedom and a place of gold. The sun cast a warm glow down upon this haven, a place of love, power and peace. The ancient city would one day fall under the weight of oppression but it would not be this day or soon. Babylon would live on and it was not yet lost. 

The latest release from Night Noise Music sees the Gemini Brothers remixed by In Flagranti. They reinterpret 'Lost Babylon' in an exciting fashion. Listen below:

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EDMX – Girder 86

The steelworks had remained open for as long as sustainably possible. The girders shaked as the men stampeded ferociously around the old abandaoned plant. They cried in anger at the disintegration of a once great factory, a once great establishment, a once great industry. They would build again, through the strength of muscle and the anger of hell they would raise the abandoned building from the ground. They would stand upon girder 86 and look down upon what was theres again once more. 

Power Vacuum continue to launch new music into the world at a rate of noughts. Bintus, Invisible Scum, Mark Broom, JoeFarr and Objekt have all featured but this release sees the return of the much loved EDMX. Listen to 'Girder 86' from the forthcoming EP below:

Clips from the rest of the record can be heard HERE. Forthcoming HERE.

Rick Wade – Transcendent

The power of the material universe could be observed from the balcony up above. As they watched from the clouds they looked down upon the earth as it spun. The shimmering seas blended blue to green alongside land and fields. Great cities existed down below, but they to would come and go, a transcendent planet set for its own destruction and its own destiny. Only time would tell how long they'd last upon the floating rock, the clouds would merely observe. 

Here is the latest EP from the much loved Detroit veteran of house music Rick Wade. He offers up three tracks for Fort Street which make up the labels second release following its formation earlier this year. Listen to "Transcendent" below:

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Echonomist – Smoke Rings

Petros Manganaris has been releasing soul soaked house records since the 90s. The latest from the Greek producer, released under his Echonomist guise, is a heady journey through warm, languorous synth tones sprawling over sunrise percussion. The track features on Biologic's new split EP on which Manganaris delivers two tracks of  deep house joy (and without wanting to be too sniffy about it, that's 'deep' in the traditional sense) whilst London based Elijah Simmons offers a couple of dense, trance inducing trips through mysterious house landscapes. 12" drops on May 19th.

Visit the Biologic Soundcloud HERE.

Far Out Monster Disco Orchestra – Where Do We Go From Here? (LTJ Xperience Remix)

OK, stop the competition. This is your summer jam right here.

The Far Out Monster Disco Orchestra's vinyl only remix/edit series has already seen some pretty impressive contributions from the likes of John Morales, Theo Parrish and Marcellus Pittman. Now the latest instalment is here, featuring two new takes on the track 'Where Do We Go From Here?'

We're premiering the flip – a remix from Italy's Luca Trevisi, aka LTJ Xperience. Having racked up over 30 years in the DJ and production game, his disco collection is (unsurprisingly) absolutely unparalleled. Here, Luca's take lets the gorgeous vocals breathe in that Mediterranean air, plunging into the deep blue ocean depths and emerging glistening into the sunshine. Listen below:

Where Do We Go From Here? (Andrés & LTJ Xperience Remixes) is out 27th May on Far Out Recordings. Pre-order here.

Al Green – Everything Is Ok (jozif's Love International ReRuBB)

With the sun at it's peak, it's searing rays glinted, reflected and bounced off the clear, azure blue waters, creating kaliedoscopic aquatic semblances on the sea. The revellers aboard the party boat soaked up the vitamins, and their ecstatic majesty gave the vessel it's own nautical rhythm. The waters were calm, but the delirious dancing from the Croatian crew mates gave the waters a sway and swing which belied the marine stillness. The skins were bronzing, the drinks were cold and the sweet sounds bounced from port to starboard. Everything was ok.

London DJ and producer jozif, renowned for his Fabric sets and his vinyl only imprint Fist Or Finger, will join Love International this summer over in Croatia. To celebrate that, the man has done a tasty re-rub of an Al Green track. Full of lovely looping string snatches, bouncing deep bass riffs and submerged filtered vox, at it's crescendo it shouts sunshine celebrations aside the Adriatic. All aboard.

Download the track:

Follow jozif on Facebook HERE. For full info and tickets for Love International look HERE.

Primal Scream – 100% Or Nothing (Anton Newcombe Mix)

We're happy to be sharing a collision of two great of modern psychedelia – Primal Scream have commissioned Anton 'Brian Jonestown Massacre' Newcombe to remix the track 100% Of Nothing from their recent, triumphant Chaosmosis album. Newcombe has taken a surprising new direction on the mix- he's turned the track into a 10 minute dub odyssey, complete with skanking bass, snaking melodica lines, endless chambers of echo and snares drenched in reverb. It's huge, mysterious, and probably best enjoyed after a couple of jazz fags… 


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