Premiere Inn: Round Up 20.01.17


PREMIERE: Utopus – Southology

The geography was way off. The ship was not supposed to sail this far south, their course was perilous and soon they might become swept away by the rumble of the deep blue. The choppy waters roared as they struck against the helm of the ship, the sky was turning a moody shade of black and the cries of the seamen echoed in the silence of the twilight sky. Southology had been their only guidance, it was a state of mind as much as anything else, but they sure as hell hadn't expected this. 

Khidja's newly founded record label P-Balans returns at the start of the new year as they release a new EP from Utopus. The Utopics EP is out this week. Listen to "Southology" below: 

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PREMIERE: Maoupa Mazzocchetti – Traligion

The laboratory was now closed. Experiments would cease activity and the scientists would leave calmly and return to their homes. Little did their families know of what they were building in the pale whiteness of the castle dungeon. They were working for a higher power upon which they had very little influence. The experiment was their only means of employment and "Traligon" was it's name. Who knew what impact it might have on mankind. He shuddered to think. 

Maoupa Mazzocchetti returns to Unknown Precept with a new EP. The four track release titled "Infinite Glance Court" will be his third outing on the label. Listen to "Traligon" below: 

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PREMIERE: Jumping Back Slash Ft. Hlasko – Khule Naye

Cotch have spent the last couple of years running some of the best parties in South London, making a name for themselves with finely curated line ups that join the dots between grime, funky, kwaito, afrobeats, RnB, and the wavey outer reaches of trap – all played to basements rammed with sweaty ravers.

It was only a matter of time before Cotch kicked off a record label of their own, and who better to open the account than Jumping Back Slash. JBS has been based in South Africa for the last decade, mixing the intricate rhythms and yearning melodies of SA styles with UK bass pressure. Having worked with everyone from Spoek Mathembo to Okmalumkoolkat, the Slow Oceans Ep sees the producer step up a gear, dropping a six track EP that travels from uptempo nods towards SA styles such Gqom, Kwaito and Pitori House, all the way down to track we're premiering today; a pigeon-hole defying mix of ominously paced RnB carried on a wave of ocean deep bass.

Jumping Back Slash – Slow Oceans is released via Cotch in late January. Pre-order HERE.

PREMIERE: Jumping Back Slash Ft. Hlasko – Khule Naye

The sky had turned a deep shade of crimson and the roar of thunder filled the air. As the red rain began to fall a cry rang out from the street below, it was desperate, haunting and beautiful. This would be his night and he would walk the damp, dirty streets. He had not always been this way, a slave to the night. He could remember the innocence of a summer's day and the pleasant breeze of autumn. In this last year he had become something he had never dreamed he might. The red rain was testament to that. 

Good Intention features as part of a compilation on Oleeva Records. Deep, moody and progressive the collection of tracks is perfect for the winter months. Listen to "Red Rain" below: 

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PREMIERE: Astvaldur – Hark

One of the most interesting labels to emerge in recent years has come in the form of the Berlin imprint oqko. Experimental and diverse they have crafted a sound which has led them to travelling across the world playing obscure music in a variety of locations. 

Now they are about to release a new album from astvaldur, a seven track composition titled "At Least". The album is based on seven independent key themes. This is his debut full length release and will be out from the 21st of February next month. 

Listen to an exclusive track taken from the record below: 

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PREMIERE: Niro – A Song About Whispers

The secret was passed with caution around the room as the circle of people giggled. The last man to know was always left embarassed and upset, I guess that was part of the game, the fun so to speak. This was a song about whispers and as I watched from the back of the line I began to feel more and more insecure, like a child whom had been left out at playtime. This was just one of the ways in which the regime was able to trick you. They were oh so very crafty. The song would go round and round. 

Niro releases on PADS with a four track EP. "It Takes Two" is a hypnotic tale of mystic intrigue and peculiar emotive house. Listen to the lo-fi sound of "A Song About Whispers" below: 

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PREMIERE: Jonny Teardrop – Shotgun

The barrel was loaded, packed to the rafters with heat that would cast a nightmare through the dim glow of the evening. As he marched forwards he lifted the shotgun up so that it was in line with his vision. His face was laced with scars: wicked, villainous, ghastly grazes. The town was awash with rogues and vagabonds, it was his job to clean it up. The streets would run red raw with the death of criminals and the people would be saved. This was his blessing, his curse. 

Jonny Teardrop is set to drop a brand new album on the Paris based label Rouge Mécanique Musique. This will be the third release from the label and is titled "No Problemo". Listen to "Shotgun" below: 

Buy the release HERE which is forthcoming next month. 

PREMIERE: Johannes Albert – Town

The boss of the estate, the captain of the cul-de-sac, the talisman of the tower block. He was the master of this town and all the mere peasants which walked on the pavements down below. His criminal empire had allowed him to build a fortress of such strength that he would never be caught. No man could get close to him. His power ran rife through the community and he had them all popped in his back pocket. He was the gunslinger, the night mover and the beast within the shadows. 

Johannes Albert brings his minimalism take on deep house to Fine with a four track EP which is packed with intrigue and delight. Listen to "Town Master" below which is out as of today…

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The street was dark and the light faint. The three stood menacingly gathered around a chair as the orange glow cast a hazy fuzz over the concrete. The moon was ever so white this evening, it shone brightly amidst the stars up above. Watching over the world it looked down in a sense of constant disbelief at the chaos which had begun to unfold on planet earth. Meanwhile the three gathered around the chair remained oblivious to the collapse of mankind. They quite simply moved under the beam from above in a consistent repetitive pattern. 

There is little known to the identity of V. He releases on Nautilus Rising, the record label run by the infamous Sub Club. Three tracks of jacking house you might typically expect to hear in the club on a Saturday night. Listen to "Pas" below:

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PREMIERE: RGL – What About

The jungle roared with the sound of love. The leaves wept under the rain which fell heavily from the deep blue sky above. The drops cascaded down to the forest floor and small puddles began to form. What about the sun? Where had it vanished to? The seasons had changed and for the next few months the water would simply descend from the graceful heavens. Some wept, some prayed for the light to return. Then there were those who simply danced beneath the drops. 

RGL is the next artist to release on Breaker Breaker whom were previously responsible for the debut of Ross From Friends. This time they offer up a platform for the first release from Tokyo based artist RGL who embodies the dust of lo fi house so well. Listen to "What About" below: 

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PREMIERE: It's A Fine Line – Cardiogram (Dollkraut Remix)

The blood pumped rapidly around his aching body. He had never expected to come under attack on the battlefield in such a way, so fierce, so heavy, so caustic. His cardiogram read a series of information which he did not understand or follow. Why would he have ever expected to be the one to end up in a hospital bed? He was the hottest in the ring, the champion of the desert and a perilous fighter. Except, now he felt small, weak and insignificant. What would the others say?

It's A Fine Line is the duo made up of Ivan Smagghe and Tim Paris. Last year they released their album on Kill The DJ, now they are remixed by a series of associated producers on a new EP. "cardiogram" is the track in question and it has been re-imagined by the likes of Dollkraut and Factory Floor. Listen to the inspired Dollkraut remix below: 

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PREMIERE: Sonderr – Overboard

As he looked out to sea he pondered his fate. Was it worth throwing himself overboard or should he hold on for dear life. As the shouts echoed in his ears he had never felt more alone. The warship was bound for a far away land in which he knew he had no place. This was not his destiny, nor his ambition or calling. He had never planned on being here but the conscription had left him little choice. Now he was a man of war headed to the land of palms and sand. 

Sonderr are about to release on Shall Not Fade's sub label Lost Palms. The pair deliver four tracks of dusty house as they begin to steadily pick up steam. Listen to "Overboard" below: 

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