Premiere Inn: Round Up 19.02.16


Meatraffle are increasingly looking like South London's post punk answer to Sleaford Mods. Grizzled, slightly tramp-y looking singer? A general air of contempt for the bullshit of modernity? Quality tunes for days? They've got the lot. New track The Horseshoe plays like a lost 80s new wave classic – this is Meatraffle making pop music; wonky, ragged round the edges, and bursting with bittersweet joy. 

The track is taken from their debut album HiFi Classics, a record that's getting beterr with every listen – there are still a few copies available over on Bandcamp, bag yourself one now, or pay a fortune for it from a Discogs scalper in 10 years time… 

All credit to J Choirboy for making a tune that sounds exactly like it's title suggests. For those of you too young to remember, Fantazia was one of the legendary early 90s mega-raves held in The Sanctuary in Milton Keynes – and J Choirboy has knocked together a sublime piece of breakbeat throwback in homage, gathering together stabbing Detroit-ish keyboard vamps, loud as fuck breakbeats and sweet washes of early morning synth pads for a pure energy rush. Fantazia is taken from J Choirboy's forthcoming Altar Ego EP, a four tracker coming on the La Mission labels' Lost Records series – check em out over on Soundcloud

Tom Gillieron – Optimistic Pessimism

Is your glass half full, half empty, or something in between? Do you always look on the bright side of life? Is the grass greener on the other side? Does the calm always follow the storm? Are you an optimist or a pessimist is what we are trying to evaluate here. There are too many negatives, too much lack of hope, be positive, be happy, move forward, optimisim over pessimism, proceed. 

Tom Gillieron features on a split EP with Richie Littler for Dream Diary Records. The EP sits on the edge of melodic percussive house and we would certainly say it captures our optimistic interests. Listen below: 

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NY*AK – Xager Feat. Ian Blevins

The shuttle had finally left earth headed for extra terrestrial life and promise. It burst through the clouds and towards the blue sky which slowly merged to black. The switches flicked and the the lights flashed in the cockpit. He pulled his helmet over his head and tensed. He was ready to enter a zone in which no human had ever been before. His existence was no longer on earth but beyond it's outer reaches. Adrift the tiny rocket ship floated through the sky on to bigger, better things. On to Xager…

NY*AK has released a few records as of late which have caught our attention however this forthcoming release for Technicolour caught the ears straight from the off. Listen to 'Xager' below: 

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Harald Björk – Pass Proceed

Sat at the traffic lights there was little she could do but wait. Pedestrians crossed the street with a strut to their step, a beat to their walk, a drive to their pace. That was all she wanted now, to drive, pace and speed. She softly revved the engine, it hummed and vibrated beneath the bonnet in accompaniment with the ever buzzing rotation of her thoughts. All of a sudden red flashed, orange followed and the green light sprung to life. She moved forward, she was allowed to pass, allowed to proceed. 

Harald Björk has crossed our radar on several occasions as of late. His Studio Barnhus EP was stellar and by the sounds of it his forthcoming three part album series will follow in a similar theme. Listen below: 

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Alma Negra – Tabanka

The chant was one of pain and desperation as he stood amidst the village of shanty huts. This was a place which he had called home for so long but now as he stood staring at the burnt out town that surrounded him he had never felt a stronger sense of disconnect. His heart ached for his missing lover, she had vanished into the shadowy depths of the forest which surrounded the once peaceful town. He shouted into the night, calling her name, "Tabanka" he cried, again and again. 

Sofrito: Tropical Discotheque is a record label made up of Hugo Mendez, Frankie Francis, Lewis Heriz and friends. Based in London they release music of a wonderfully eclectic worldly origin which could be as far removed from the city streets in which they inhabit.  Alma Negra is based in Switzerland and has previously released music for Highlife and INI Movement. This one has tribal dancefloor written all over it. Listen below: 

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Metropolitan Soul Museum – A&E

The sirens flashed as the ambulance raced through the darkened streets. A blue and red trail of light illuminated the road ahead casting a pointed glow into the onlookers who gathered on the pavements. The engines roared and cars pulled over as a mark of respect, drivers lowered their heads and dimmed their lights. This was an emergency and they were heading for A&E. 

The Toy Tonics label office must be a crazy, hectic place. The volume of music which they are pushing out month after month is vast and steady. Rode & Brown, Kapote and COEO have all recently featured, however, their latest release comes from Metropolitan Soul Music and features a very solid three track effort alongside a pretty punchy remix from Tuff City Kids. Listen to the original of A&E below: 

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San Proper – Brazil

The sounds of the carnival filled the sprawling streets, colours flourished amidst the glimmering procession of percussion and cries roared. From a table he looked on in peaceful observation, a cigarette balanced delicately between his lips, a glass of rum perched upon the table which sat before him. He kicked out his legs and lay back, this was his city, his town and his Brazil. This sunkissed country and it's people belonged to him, they just didn't know it yet. 

Here is the latest offering from the much loved, highly rated San Proper. L.O.V.E. on Dopeness Galore comes with a laidback, sensual kinda feeling which can often go amiss from House music. This one is all about intricacy, attention to detail, a low slung groove and natural feeling. Listen to "Brazil" below:

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Tronik Youth feat. Justine – Always Waxing (Duncan Gray Remix)

It had been many years since he had lost THAT job. Once honoured with a medal for combat, later a maintenance man, then a doyen of topiary. His warrior summits discarded and disregarded. He had turned his back on his martial prowess, and found peace in music –  his guitar carried a poignant homage to Woody. Since meeting Ray through Linkedin, he had started on a sonic journey, a fresh vocation where he had met beautiful, unanimous souls. He had shared with them his mantra, and together they had refined it's refrain. Now they were always dancing, never complaining.

Tronik Youth featuring Justine's  'Always Waxing' is released on Tici Taci on 26th February 2016. You can pre-order HERE.

José Roboter – Free As A Bird

He rocketed through the sky at a rate of knots heading towards the dreamboat clouds above. The trees became a big green blur below and the wind rattled his feathers. Why would any bird ever choose to stay so close to the ground when the dizzying heights above offered so much freedom, expression and joy. Above the clouds everything seemed more simple, more innocent, distant and grand, this was freedom and damn he would fly…

Ville Nouvelle are an exciting new record label emerging from Paris in France. Their first release sees them debut a cassette from José Roboter and Too Smooth Christ. It ventures along a similar territory to some of the smoother sounds stemming from the likes of Mood Hut, 1080p and Future Times whilst incorporating the warmth of analog house. Listen to "Free As A Bird" below:

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Trux – Aziol

The light of the foyer illuminates the street. The illuminous pumps shine in the midst of the petrol station courtyard and the striking brand name 'Aziol' reads flamboyantly above the door. There was nowhere else to fuel up for miles around, business was booming and the chirps and chimes of mechanics echoed from parked cars. There was to be a race soon, crowds had already begun to gather to observe the fastest guys in town. Engines roared…

Trux is set to release an LP on the rather secretive German based Office Recordings.  Office07 is the latest edition to a series which has seen releases from the likes of Christopher Rau, Baaz and Dorisburg. Listen to "Aziol" below: 

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