Premiere Inn: Round Up 18.12.15



Dizygotic siblings Julian & Vincent, squeeze & cajole each other from the Cadillac and do what their mam asked. "Go visit Uncle David over Christmas, I'm worried about him and his new friends". Not exactly festive the front porch, and when Uncle opens the shutter, hands covered in the remnants of a Thanksgiving's dinner no one ate, neither of the boys want to ask about food tonight. Inside, is one of his "new friends". Scott is busy, prepping and chopping, changing and mixing, the innards of interference and the synchronizing sight of Scott & Uncle leaves the nephews disturbed and horrified and reaching for the Xanax.

TWINS new EP "Standard Of Truth" is available on vinyl HERE.



Everybody loves a good drum: like really, something about the silly hypnotic sound of clunks, claps and bangs can take music to a new level. It's primal in nature, maybe man first started bashing rocks together to create noise or something like that, who knows? This record seems to appeal on a primal nature, the drums clatter frantically and percussion flutters to and fro. It could be the soundtrack to a great woodland hunt, a sandy pursuit or a crawl through the undergrowth. It's great. Listen Below:  

Pre Order the release from Bandcamp HERE.



Heartplay's first EP 'Téléphone', which came out earlier this year, was a woozy embrace of soft-centered techno. '002' is his new self-released EP, coming out on 12" black label, and we're very happy to be able to premiere the flipside, 'See Through This'.

Heartplay had a revelation when he realised he could make music with his father's old electric organ (pictured above), which now forms the core of his basic setup. His punk attitude – he records straight to tape, no edits, no arrangements, often just a single take – comes through strongly in the music.

'See Through This' simmers into being with a burst of static, quickly finding gear and then being driven along by a distorted pulse. Later on these high notes come in like lonely radar bleeps, but gradually they start to take over, providing a foamy wash of melody that reminds me of My Bloody Valentine at their most abstract. The pulse dies down, turning into a loping beat, and the track comes full circle.

It's raw and uncompromising, almost psychedelic, which Heartplay attributes to his recent interest in Austin's '60s rock scene (13th Floor Elevators, Red Crayola et al.) It's also fantastic, and you should definitely listen to it below:

'002' is out 25 Jan. Find Heartplay over on Soundcloud.



So, this had originally been going to appear on the Ransom Note site early this morning, however, upon a rather intense viewing of the latest video from post punk experimentalists Housewives we decided it might be best to let you settle into the day first. The music is drone esque, heavy on field recordings and feedback. The group have been praised by This Heat drummer, Charles Hayward, who describes the group's sound as "a sort of monochromatic surliness, slowly warming up to a barely controlled anger, hypnotic and building from the simplest elements." This video is bright, distorted, eerie, ominous and flashing. Any viewers with epeleptic tendencies this one is not for you, it threw our heads a little in the office this morning. It's meaning remains a mystery. Discover for yourself below: 

Housewives are on Bandcamp HERE.



Have you ever had one of those moments as you stroll down the street and you imagine playing yourself in some sort of blockbuster movie about your own life? Maybe you have, or maybe you haven't and we at Ransom Note are a bit eccentric. Who Knows? Anyway, this would make a good accompaniment to that scene: it's deep, epic and powerful as well as featuring some pretty cool euphoric samples. This one has landed on Parisian label, Alter K Records and there are elements of french dance music sensibilities to be found within. Listen Below:  

Zoon Van Snook hosts Oddtronica on Bloop Radio. The NYE special edition show will air accompanied by Paul Hartnoll of Orbital at 12. 




We owe a lot to buttons, far more than we could ever imagine. Who else holds your trousers or skirt up for you? Who keeps your coat done up when it rains? Buttons are a secret saviour, an unsung hero of the modern day age, and their inventor wherever they might now be, should be thanked sincerely. Anyway, moving on: Secret Button Bureau is the alias of Alland Byallo. In recent years he has featured on labels such as Housewax and on his own Bad Animal Imprint. This latest project sees him approach the murky warmth of house music as he serenades us with an edit of a track titled Hibiscus. Listen Below: 

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This is a song by American football player Boo Williams about one of the key aspects of playing wide receiver for the New Orleans Saints. Ok no it isn't. Obviously. It's by Chicago house don Boo Williams and as far as we can tell it's not about acceleration at all. It's spelled differently for a start. What it is though, is brilliant. Listen below:

Preorders available now from Red Eye Records





People often say that a good first impression is essential. Supposedly we make our minds up about a person within five seconds or something silly like that. Therefore a smile and a handshake is vital upon first contact. OCH has left a positive impression on us over the years. His release for Trelik was enchantingly strong and this latest record sees him crank things up a little with a clattering piano. A woozy chord fades in and out building the same captivating warmth as "Whalesong" did. Jazzy, groovy and speedy, this jams. Listen to his latest on Dreiklang Here: 

Find the record to buy at Juno HERE. Follow Dreikland on Soundcloud HERE