Premiere Inn: Round Up 18.11.16


PREMIERE: Hector Plimmer – Kalimba

The pine trees blew gracefully in the breeze. Their greenery was the only thing to survive what had been a wintery onslaught. For months the country had been battered and hammered by the charge of the wind and rain. It had seemed like it would never end. Now, the spring had finally arrived and that same greenery hung beautifully from the trees of the forest. They had survived another slumber, whilst the rest of the world had crumbled, their presence had remained. 

Hector Plimmer first featured as part of a Brownswood Recordings compilation several years back. Since then he has remained low key, however, his new EP is now upon us and it has already been championed by Gilles Peterson. Listen to 'Kalimba' below: 

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FIRST LISTEN: U – Friendly Ghost [Edit]

Following his absorbing Vienna Orchestra project for Where To Now?, the wonderfully and succinctly named U returns with a special edition 12" for Phantasy Sound, released today and designed and printed by the artist.

A-side 'Friendly Ghost' wriggles out of its coccoon with echoing bongos and spectral pads. You can almost feel the ectoplasm dripping off the walls. But then the warm bass that drives its way through the second half of the track reassures you that this is a benevolent spook and everything is going to be just fine. Who knows, maybe your new ghost pal will even help scare your enemies?

PH54 is out Phantasy Sound, vinyl available right now and digital from 9th Dec.

PREMIERE: Resonators – Shuzzbuzz (Robin Ball Electro Mix)

The rattle of machines could be heard throughout the factory. It rumbled against the metallic beams and the walls groaned under the weight of electrics. The buzz within this place was spectacular and distant. Looking out from the balcony up above he watched the workers build the future of an empire below. Soon he would be seen as a hero to these weak and putrid slaves. He was their electro master and they would dance to the beat of his drum. The world belonged to him now and they were the producers. 

Resonators turns up with a fantastic ep for Groovepressure. This one is packed with electro goodness and has all the makings of a future classic. Expect this one to pop off. Listen to the Robin Ball remix of "Suzzbuzz" below:

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PREMIERE: Tristan Grace – Tune Called Shout Outs

The Friday night roll call was well underway. The crew had begun to assemble as they steadily anticipated the night which lay before them. Driving out into the countryside thir faces glowed with eager excitement at the thought of getting to the site. Little did their parents know that they were the dancers of the new generation and that the fields by night had become their playgrounds. On the crackly old radio an mc shouted gloriously out over the tracks, shout outs came flying in across tune after tune. The night had only just begun. 

Tristan Grace is the first to appear on a new label run by the Warehouse Project's founder Krsko. Titled 'I Walked By Night' the label draws upon his experience amongst the scene across many years. Tristan Grace delivers the grooves on 'Tune Called Shout Outs'. Listen below: 

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PREMIERE: Heretic & Buran – Fractal

The universe exists within a delicate balance. Light, matter and dust are the basis, we the humans simply walk amongst it. Our lives are shallow compared to the vast wilderness of space, we will have little significance once we are gone. Nothing but our imprint upon this earth will remain, our thoughts, ideas and values will simply be replaced by the next mans. The fractal repition of life will go on and on and on, until there quite simply is nothing left. 

Good guy Heretic collaborates with Buran on a new EP for Roam Recordings. Fusing wobbly acid with flickering percussion they have created an enchanting track purpose built for clubs and darkness. Listen to 'Fractal' below: 

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PREMIERE: Stijn Sadée – Moiin

The seasons had begun to change. The autumn leaves fell softly from the trees and lined the pavement floor. Walking through the park he looked out upon the peaceful world. All was still in the cold glow of Sunday's afternoon. In the distance the birds could be heard chirping and the pitter patter of feet playing. All was like a dream in this place and soon it would be covered in snow. Winter was approaching and the nights would darken. It was a most beautiful year.

Stijn Sadee features on a new four track EP from a new label simply titled XXX. The release sees features from JMII, Miskotom and Damon Jee. Listen to 'Moiin' below: 

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PREMIERE: Klorin – Naura

Failure to cooperate with the authorities would result in the strictest and most formal of punishments. The state quite simply did not tolerate noncompliance in any shape or form, even if the intention of those accused was not in illegality but noble. The court would quite simply take the perpetrator to trial and set about them in any which way they saw fit. Many had suffered under the heavy hammer of the judicial powers that be. There was little that could be done, at least for now…

Klorin is a newly formed collaboration between Kenton Slash Demon & Norin who is more widley known for his work as part of Lust For Youth. The project sees them produce emotionally driven electronic music with futuristic soundscapes and primal drums. Listen to 'Nauru' below: 

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PREMIERE: Marlon Hoffstadt & Paris Brightledge – Shattered (Instrumental)

The glass broke with a firm crash. The pieces lay scattered across the floor of the bar as the fight began to unfold in chaotic style. Bottles were shattered and the noise of a brawl could be heard from the street outside. This was not any old dive bar but a place in which only trouble existed. The gangs would meet here every night fight, reak havoc and smash one another until the bitter end. The pink sky hung eerily up above as the noise of violence echoed through the thin evening air. 

Marlon Hoffstadt collaborates with paris Brightledge on a new EP for Retrograde records. We bring to you the gorgeous instrumental version of the pairs musical outing. Listen to 'Shattered' below: 

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PREMIERE: Glenn Kelly – Parma

Here's a little blast from the recent past. Four years after the digital edition, WotNot are pressing one of their favourite ever releases to wax. Dancefloor Sweets Vol. 1 features tracks from artists like K15 and IMYRMIND who have gone on to become respected names, as well as a new cut from SexRulesEverything.

The closing track comes from Glenn Kelly (Jeeks), who has since retired from the circuit. This is something of a minor tragedy as 'Parma' is a glorious technicolour explosion, kind of like the stickiest, chewiest gumball imaginable. Bouncy and buoyant in all the best possible ways, with enough poolside energy to see you through the winter months.

With the brand new Dancefloor Sweets Vol. 2 coming out alongside the reissue on 28th Nov, and new material on the way in 2017, we're confident you'll be hearing a whole lot more from WotNot.

Dancefloor Sweets Vols. 1 & 2 are out 28th Nov on WotNot.

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