Premiere Inn: Round Up 15.07.16


Lemy Leopard & Simbad – Cosmic Energie

The electricity radiated throughout the room as the lights began to flash euphorically. The walls shook, the ground clattering under the weight of a thousand marching feet. There was a synchronised energy in this place, a cosmic energy. The world was moving onwards and upwards, against the worrisome tide of oppression which had held them down for far longer than it should ever have. 

City Fly remain at the forefront of all things house as they continue to push forward UK club culture. Their latest release sees a collaboration from Lemy Leopard and Simbad who deliver three tracks for their 'Vibin' EP. Listen to 'Cosmic Energie' below:

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Bat-Bike – Sean Lemon

Regular readers will know our long standing love of Trashmouth Records. With the label run by a Liam, formerly of electro/ techno outfit Medicine 8, they've got a fine line in releasing dutty rock n roll utterly embued with the anarchic spirit of acid house. Yeah, musically they may have little in common, but spiritually Trashmouth releases are as rave as turbo doves and hoofing Vicks. 

So here's the latest from the label, a killer piece of punk sludge from Bat-Bike, aong with a suitably grimey South London video, shot amongst the skaters and roustabouts that make the lands South of the Thames so very special. Pull yourself a bucket of dirtbar, press play, enjoy. 

Man2.0 – Are We Live?

The man machine's silicon constructed heart pulsed deep inside the hard-wired circuitry. A heady charge of electrons surged through each conductor and every power cell glowed as they flowed, the current charming an attraction, and repelling any negative source. As the amps were ramped, this laboratory monster fused and 'felt' for the first time, distorting the signals as it questioned its creator. "Are. We. Live?"

Following up on some prolific posting on his own Soundcloud, Man2.0 signals his "consumerist techno" manifesto with his debut release on Nein. Wrangling some distressed waveforms and filthily interfering with the machine driven rhythms, he constructs a dark and frankly dangerous techy slo- mo monster. A sinister announcement of future intentions. 

Man2.0 – Live Spine EP is released by Nein Records on 10th August 2016 and can be pre-ordered HERE.

Sankt Göran – Here Comes

The monster from the depths of the burly mountain would come to life at night, only to cast his fowl presence upon those who witnessed him. He was a true creature of darkness, weighted down by mould, sludge, hatred and slime. Here come Greenslade, as he prepares for another evening of havoc, chaos and despair. He was the monster, deep from the lair. 

MM Discos have been very busy since their formation in 2015 having released music from Marvin & Guy, Akirahawks and Enzino. Now they have announced the release of a forthcoming EP from Sankt Göran, which also features an exciting remix from Barcelona based JMII. Listen to 'Here Comes Greenslade' below:

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Sankt Göran – Here Comes

The strategic logistics of their movement through the forest would need to be plotted with delicate intricacy. These would be the tactics which would say their life as they encountered the wilderness and tropics amidst the unknown. Mango mathematics would be required to solve pine tree problems, who knew that there could be such trouble in paradise? Not him, her, or the creatures of the jungle floor. 

This month will see the release of a new release from Banlieue Records. A Berlin based record label which has previously released music from the likes of Dj Overdoes and Benoit B. Their latest release is a split EP titled 'Local Business' and features tracks from Tom Dicicco, Gohan and more. It is Tom Dicicco's track which we bring to you. Listen to 'Mango Mathematics' below: 

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