Premiere Inn – Round Up 13.11.15


Everything we've brought to you this week in one place. Nothing better. 

DMX Krew – Do It All Nite

There's a question that has plagued mankind since time began and that question is, who's your favourite crew? I think the most popular choice to that  question would be So Solid Crew thanks to their inability to commit to anything over 21 seconds, which was all well and good in the glory days of garage but in the real world it basically makes every single one of them unemployable. "So Romeo, what would you say is your worst trait?" "Well for no reason whatsoever I'm only able to complete a job if it takes less than 21 seconds, not just in my work but in every aspect of my life. It's more a crippling OCD really that's had a devastating effect on my romantic life because I basically can't commit to anything long te…sorry time's up I gotta go." 

Or you could just say DMX Krew I suppose. 

Having previously welcomed releases on Rephlex Records DMX fuses jazz and Chicago house with classic G-funk for his part in the new Fresh Up Records compilation The 12" Album. As a bonus we have the exclusive premiere of 'Do It All Nite' which basically sounds like the internal monologue of Dam Funk thinking about how he's going to slow cook a pork joint.

Shove this in your ears and think about what you've done. 

Fresh Up Records is the brainchild of Ed DMX with their debut compilation The 12" Album set for release on 23rd November. Check out their Facebook and Soundcloud for future news. 

Zola Blood – Pieces OF The Day (Olaf Stuut Remix)

Hackney foursome Zola Blood are poised to release their new double A-side 'Play Out/Pieces of the Day'. Produced by Richard Formby (Wild Beasts/Darkstar), it's coming out on the long-dormant Pond Life, a label best known for releasing records by Talk Talk/Mark Hollis in the 90s. So, pretty good pedigree then.

R$N are happy to premiere Dutch producer Olaf Stuut's remix of 'Pieces of the Day'. The original tells the story of a journey on the No. 8 night bus – a route that goes right past R$N Towers! It's a great slice of dark electronic pop that calls to mind Purity Ring and Portishead.

Stuut (who's previously remixed Max Cooper and Nils Frahm) stretches the song out to 7 minutes but keeps the darkness intact, throwing in a shuffling drum pattern and turning the original vocals into a ghostly chorus. Feast your ears.

You can pre-order the Zola Blood remix now at Pledge Music, along with their forthcoming debut album. Hear more from Olaf Stuut on his Soundcloud.

Moodtrax – Eastside Rhythm

Belfast house/techno imprint Extended Play have a special treat in store for their 50th release. 'Statement of Intent' is exactly that, a 14 track compilation of Belfast originals that showcases the talent and diversity of the city's underground.

Founded in 2009 by DJs T-Bone and JMX – both featured on the new record – Extended Play has gone from strength to strength, putting the wider world on to the Belfast scene with artists like BICEP and Ejeca.

From the compilation, we're premiering 'Eastside Rhythm', the debut offering from new artist Moodtrax. It's a banger alright, hewn from Chicago stone, all huge thwacking drums and dizzy acid bass. Have a gander below:

'Statement of Intent' is out sometime in November. Keep up with Extended Play on Facebook and Soundcloud.

Chocky – Tool Time

Ears Have Eyes is a wonderful new Peckham based vinyl label comitted to releasing weird underground electronic music, and showing flagrant disregard for anything so boring as genre constrictions. One half of it is also run by our brother from another lover Mr Joe Europe.

Their third release is the 'Chocky & Tilman' split EP. Bringing together two artists with complementary sounds, who're also both friends of the label? Makes perfect sense.

Tilman's on the flip, while house supremo Chocky takes on the A-side. We're premiering his 'Tool Time', a gorgeous piano house cut that sounds like morning mist rising off a Japanese mountain lake.

The 'Chocky & Tilman' EP is out on vinyl Nov 23rd, and digital shortly after. Check out Chocky's Soundcloud and stay in touch with Ears Have Eyes via Facebook.

ishi vu – Bipolar Nature

Bipolar Nature offers a trip aboard the intergalactic whirlitzer; a saturated dream of space dolphins leaping through shimmering rings of stars; a floating vision of gentle undulating eternity, waves of light and magic easing past your pineal gland, readying you for the eventual shuffle of the ceremonial beat. It's music for moon children and bright eyed dreamers and it's making this dour Wednesday afternoon seem more like an endless sunlit Sunday, for which alone , ishi vu, we salute you.

Bipolar Nature is taken from Green is the Color of Love, ishi vu's debut EP for the Stolkholm based Omena label – it's released on record on November 30th, and you can keep track of Omeni over here.

La Mverte & Alejandro Paz – Where Is The Line?

Welcome to the debut collaboration of musical friends La Mverte and Alejandro Paz. Sounding like the chugging soundtrack of a ghost train haunted by the high-camp spectres of disco past, we're at a bit of a loss where to file Where is the Line, except in the big box marked GOOD. The track seems to have beamed directly in from one of the eras when dance music was about personality, experimentation and a sense of fun (see: 80s NYC or London in the electroclash years) – as such it's never likely to be heard in a Solomun set, but will happily pack weirdo dancehalls for years.

Where is the Line is taken from 4 track The Line EP, released via Her Majesty's Ship on November 13th – pre-order from over here

TCB – Uptown Slice

Chris Beiswenger was formally one half of the Arto Mwambe duo. Now going it alone as The Citizens Band, the Frankfurt based producer has put together a dreamlike EP of modular, mid paced techno ballads, walking a path somewhere between the 80s innovation of fellow German Manuel Göttsching and the more peaceful moments of Detroit future soul. Today's premiere, Uptown Slice, never loses it's warm poise, the soaring synths carrying gentle, arping melodies ever higher to a point of understated euphoria. Dead nice it is, like.

The Rather Happy Songs EP Uptown Slice is drawn from is available from November 16th from the House is OK label.