Premiere Inn: Round Up 13.01.17


VIDEO PREMIERE: The White Screen – Hamem Oti

The candles burned long, and the sinister smoke obscured our religious beliefs. As the water rose and the lust became fiery, we had dark intentions for the night. We gathered our thoughts as we preened our feathers, and we strode out into the alley with more than just a party to fight.

The White Screen, the Israeli kings of zombie/trash/glam & rock n roll, are "re-inventing sex and lust in music". Cousins Gabriel and Gilbert Broid are "extra wild performers", and their shows are already getting an immediate cult status, having a close following of believers coming to every show, and dressing weird and wild as they are, looking almost like a cult of white. The debut album was produced by the cousins plus help of local producers such as Red Axes, Ryskinder and Ram Orion. Their lyrics are very political and criticise the whole system and leadership in Israel. Not very politically correct.

The album is out NOW

PREMIERE: Norwell – Citadel

As the dust settled on a turbulent year, it was time to re-group, recharge and dress the wounds of the calamitous battles that had hurt so deeply. Safe within their walls, their bubble of security gave space for contemplation. It would be simple to stay behind these bastions of belief, and ignore the war that raged on beyond. But all agreed, it was time to commit and to fight beyond this citadel.

One of this staffers most favoured labels is Beachcoma, and next up is a three tracker from Norwell. Based in Budapest, he had releases on Rotterdam's Pinkman and Shabu Recordings in 2016. 'Citadel' kicks off like New Order's 'Sunrise', before some off-key modulation, lo-fi drums and high freqs ping it elsewhere. Delicately layered and intensely intriguing, slightly Holden-esque and quite beautifully sad, yet adamant.

Norwell – Still Her EP is out now on Beachcoma. 

FIRST LISTEN: Dollkraut – Oblivian

From the wobbling stratosphere of the post war sci-fi flicks, comes this black & white curio aural delight. Fuzzed and brittle, cobwebbed basement theremin vibes. Amsterdam based Dollkraut is releasing his second album 'Holy Ghost People', this one coming on Dischi Autunno, a new label set up by Correspondant boss Jennifer Cardini and Noura Labbani. The album is described as "a fairytailish horror film, a girl in a white satin dress getting lost in endless Norwegian woods". Dark, macabre and lonely.

Dollkraut – Holy Ghost People is out on Dischi Autunno /!K7 on 10th March 2017 and can be pre-ordered HERE.

PREMIERE: D'Marc Cantu – Potion Of Life

The glass beaker sat upon the worktop, it's murky green contents shimmered within. This was the elixir of love and a potion of life. It was to be used sparingly as it was worth more than all of his worldly possessions combined. It had cost him his soul to purchase but now that it sat amidst the dull white room he felt scared. As he gazed out through the glass window he looked peacefully upon the autumn leaves as they fell golden to the concrete below. Up high in the tower nobody knew that what he was about to drink from would make him a new man. 

Banlieue Records return at the beginning of the new year with a statement of intent. Their new split EP features a number of prominent artists including Nummer, Benoit B, D'Marc Cantu and more. It is the D'Marc Cantu track which we bring to you exclusively below: 

Buy the release HERE

PREMIERE: Jad & The – Convertible On The M1

The sun beamed down upon the radiant black concrete. The sound of an engine roared loudly in the wind as the convertible cruised along the M1. It was summer time and the beach was calling out to the gang. Music bellowed from the open top cabin and the breeze blew coarsely in her golden hair. She kept her eyes firmly fixed on the road whilst the whoops and cries of her passengers echoed in her ears. She could not find the feeling and she was not the same. This was not summer, not for her. 

Jad & The has amassed a reputation amongst lo-fi house heads and edit merchants alike. The new year sees him return with a new EP for Centre Source Records which will be his first with the Brisbane based label. Listen to "Convertible On The M1" below: 

Buy the release HERE

PREMIERE: Efde – My Bleep

The jitter from the machine bounced around the room. It sent electric waves spinning between the cracked walls and cast a warmth throughout the dirty, dank basement. The people in the room did not care, they simply enjoyed the relentless sound of my bleep as it echoed eerily down the tunnel. The brick wall rocked abruptly as it shuddered under the weight of the noise. Water dripped from the ceiling up above and there was little air left amidst the space. Yet they continued to dance…

Efde is set to release a new EP on Voyage Direct, it will be the 26th edition to appear on the record label. The release follows on from his previous EP's which have appeared on Nordik Netrecords and Soweso. This time he digs deep as he explores the dramatic edges of techno whilst adding a lush musical edge. Listen to "My Bleep" below:

Buy the release from the 30th January HERE

PREMIERE: Peter Croce – Revival

It was time to bring back the old, inject some life in to the forgotten and captivate those who had lost interest. This was a damn revival and it was going to be loud. As the bus paraded down the cobbled streets the rattle of a megaphone could be heard coarsely above the sound of a bedraggled engine. She shouted loudly to the masses on the streets down below, keen for as many to hear the truth as possible. Disco was back, the party was now and it was time to dance. 

Peter Croce features on a new EP for his own label Rocksteady Disco. The label which operates out of Detroit has amassed a reputation for the finer side of house, disco and funk. Listen to "Revival" below: 

Follow Rocksteady Disco on Facebook HERE.  Buy the release HERE

PREMIERE: Marion Poncet – Slow Menage

The members of the household had gathered to watch the decline of the empire. As the humble leader spoke to the members of the cult on the ground below they watched as the tears poured down his face. This was not a moment of sadness but a time of joy, for in death he had completed his purpose on earth. A slow menage, a beautiful mind, a message which would last forever across the width of time. The cult would be theirs very soon. 

Marion Poncet steps up with a jacking house focussed EP with rugged samples and a hint of that old school French touch we lost decades ago. This release comes accompanied with a remix from Borrowed Identity. Listen to the original version of "Slow Menage" below: 

Buy the forthcoming release HERE. Follow In The Box on Facebook HERE

PREMIERE: Till Von Sein – Puntarenas

The waves rolled slowly across the bay. The tiny wooden boat drifted delicately above the water, the sail rocking back and forth in the breeze. The bang of metal on wood rattled every few seconds as the material flapped up above their heads. They had always dreamt of becoming pirates when they were little, this was the outcome. It was not to be quite as they had imagined but out at sea the pair found themselves at peace. All aboard the good ship Puntarenas

Till Von Sein returns with a four track EP for Suol. Focussing on deep house he leads us through an array of emotive groovers and sun kissed sounds built for warmer days. Listen to "Puntarenas" below: 

Follow Till Von Sein on Facebook HERE

PREMIERE: Larry de Kat – Solitary Maybe

The indecision was killing him. He struggled to make sense of the environment around him let alone what went on within his own head. The only way in which he had learnt to cope with the nature of uncertainty was by firmly grounding himself in a singular, solitary maybe. No other answer would suffice and let his beating brain be still. He wondered whether other people were burdened with as much crippling self doubt as that which plagued him day in day out. Maybe they were, maybe not. 

Larry De Kat is one to watch. His newly founded label Katnip is making moves and 2017 sees him kick off a new season for the label with a self produced EP accompanied with remixes bound to entice and excite. Dj Nature and Frits Wentink step up to offer alternatives. Listen to the Frits Wentink take on "Solitary Maybe" below…

Buy the release from the 20th February HERE

PREMIERE: C Powers – All Right 

The balance was shifting. Unease swept through the nation as they watched the president elect dictate a rulebook which would see their freedom shrink to an inhumane level. It was going to be alright they said, all would be good, well, fine, safe and right. Little did they know that by taking away the liberty of an individual that they would be unlocking the very gates of hell. A person could not exist illegally, a life should not exist whilst under guard. That was no way to get by. 

C Powers releases the next edition of music on the Alliance Upholstery record label and is joined by fine company. Parris Mitchell and Kai Alice both appear on remix duties. However, it is the original which struck a chord with us. Listen to "All Right" below: 

Buy the release HERE

PREMIERE: Sofatalk – Hypnotize (K15 Remix)

As the pendulum swung back and forth his mind slowly became fuzzy. He began to fall under a deep and luxurious spell in which he had no grace or control. His mind now belonged to the hypnotist and there was no way back. It was quite a skill to be able to hypnotise someone in such a fashion, to encourage their inhibitions to leave their body and fly wild with the wind. This was no magic trick or a play on words but a full blown takeover of mind and soul. 

Anma Records deliver a three track EP featuring Sofatalk and K15 on remix duties. This one is an embodiment of deep and soulful house with lush textures and graceful elegance. Get hypnotised below: 

Buy the release HERE

PREMIERE: KDMS – All That Glows (Peter Herbert Dub)

The sun soared high in the galaxy up above planet earth. The life amidst the universe was vast and illuminated like a fluorescent bulb. All that glows burns brightly in the depths of space. Clouds moved across the sky as he lay in the long grass looking upwards. He rolled over, grounded his perceptions and brought himself back down to earth. He could remember very little of what he had just seen but he knew that it had been beautiful. At least in the moment it had seemed real. That was all that mattered. 

KDMS are an exciting new prospect amidst London's burgeoning pop club crossover scene. Their new album sees them dabble in the experimental side of modern day dance music and could certainly be said to have an orientation towards the charts. Peter Herbert steps up to remix. Listen below: 

Buy the album HERE

PREMIERE: Modular Ball – Double Dragon

Deep within the temple lay a terrible beast. It roared and breathed fire furiously in the direction of anyway who entered the villainous lair. Colour was splashed on every wall, red, yellow, gold, green and pink cast an eerie effect upon the space, it was as if this space of horror was tainted with a bubblegum joy in which had no place here. A sweet, sticky smell hung hazily in the air and the gentle rumble could be heard from time to time as the great double dragon paraded back and forth. 

Modular Ball is a two person project from Japan. As frequent collaborators with Alex From Tokyo both Isao Kumano and Kenichi Takagi are experienced musicians. This is their first release on Rowtag Records. Listen to "Double Dragon" below: 

The release is forthcoming HERE

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